Influencers & Small Businesses Start with WordPress Business Plan


Wordpress powers 28% of the Internet


For Influencers Affiliating and partnering like me Business is a must click here 

So here’s your first great Deal if you also want to blog or create your first online business with WordPress like mine then use this Great WordPress plans, get reduction from an actual package price. I also started My business now with WORDPRESS.COM & WORDPRESS.NL

You can also start earning as a Model, Blogger, Influencer anything you want to represent yourself on just do it now! NO REGRETS BABY!! Just look at me I can work anywhere, anytime even kf for eg you in an hospital or chronically Ill at home doing Yoga at home on your floor like i do or spinning on my bike I did it My way!

You won’t regret this their Deals are incredible!! I love WordPress!

To read my post about my Journey with WordPress Since 2008 please click here.

Join Jen’s Journey actually started in 2009. I created back then a free blog with WORDPRESS

I was ecstatic as i learnt from a free service to become professional without paying a cent and i just could not believe my stats were so high.

I must add this is one of the best platforms for people to start blogging as they offer great exposure immediately. Any Niche gets attention as soon as you start posting and not forgetting to add tags, even with a FREE Word Press Plan

WordPress Free & Personal

Offcourse you can’t have Ecommerce buttons and you cant display your products neither have Affiliate links or Ads or eg to start earning money if you an Influencer like me unless you take a PREMIUM or BUSINESS Plan.

WordPress Premium & Business Plans

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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