Zwarte Piet, (Black Peter or Pete) becomes a Political (Racist) uproar in The Netherlands!

A Traditional Children’s Party turns Political


In The Netherlands there’s been yet again a nasty political problem regarding a Black character (a White person who paints his or her face Black) called “ZWARTE PIET at a Traditional Children’s party called Sinterklaas (St Nicholas also spelt Sinterclaes).


Sinterklaas is the main character who’s an older White Guy on a White Horse with his Black Helpers, The Contoversial “Zwarte Piet”, one guiding his horse and many other Piet’s following him by foot. At this party people and children dress up, exchange gifts, enjoy a street party, eat sweets, cakes and just have fun!

It’s a bit like Halloween party with scary figures and collecting sweets but here Theres just 2 characters and The “Black boys” throw pepper nuts (pepernoten) into The crowd! Pepper nuts are made from dough, cinnamon, ginger, cardemon etc.

Sinterklaas was supposed to bring gifts for children, its a kids party, however this party had become a Racial Feud because of whites portraying black folk as “slaves” by painting their faces Black and wearing curly black wigs.

I am born in Durban, South Africa, offcourse i  used to Apartheid but i never saw this as a political issue when i arrived in The Netherlands in 1990. I was even dressed as a “zwarte piet” once and my white brother in law was Sinterklaas. I had fun those days, loved the partys and couldnt wait to unpack my gifts and as an indian/white mixed person i seriously didnt see this as racism. Offcourse i didnt know the history well i also thought their colour was black due to the chimney dust being black and their hair, ooeps well i didnt realize that either. I was young give me a break and i escaped South African issues to study in Europe i didnt come here to be all political and be an activist.

So what do you think about these pics forget about the party and fun right now just
Judge for yourself!

Should it be banned, do you think its degrading Black people
Or do you think its tradition and got nothing to do with Racism?

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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