Inspire! How did Miss Fauxy do it with so many medical issues?


I think the entire world will be so proud of me!!

Im almost done with my website after editing the older one where 58 000 visitors since 2008 viewed it!

If you only know what Ive been through, especially medically, im still standing baby! I have been twice on Life support machines in hospitals in The Netherlands in coma, in and out of hospitals in South Africa too even as a child.

I have 2 x Facet Artrose, 2 x Neck hernia, 1 x back Hernia, a Blind eye(from age 5), 2010 Bacterial Brain Tumor(Johannesburg), Celiac Disease, Morbhus Durhing, Asthma Bronchitus, falling and standing up not always so quickly, and still being BEAUTIFUL, SMILING, SHARING. I still am sexy and fit too but enjoying life to fullest.

How Did i do it?

I know you are wanting to know more be inspired further especially chronically ill and people with rare heridatory auto immune diseases, to know how it’s possible that she’s still BREATHING and looking so hot, fresh and clean!


I Thank my discipline, my Vegan and Vegetarian fit and Healthy Lifestyle at 50 yrs old almost, next month, also being inspired by you too, reading your feeds, experimenting and being positive but also joking around!!

Btw by eradicating negativity totally in my life was one of my biggest gains, but my healthy habits(clean eating), gym and being fit really changed me.


Kiss Kiss 💋💋🙏🏽 ❤️

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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