Vegan Pocket Dress, Straw Hat & Bag


Join Jen’s Journey with Miss Fauxy in Copenhagen

I’m waiting to put my arms around him! Never mind the rain, you gottta move on darling! I know i can look good in upcycled and recycled Vintage though! So can you! 

Do you like my looks and also wonder how i look so good and have Beautiful legs at almost 50(20 November 2017)?

Well, it’s not only Gym, Fitness and cycling! I changed my lifestyle totally, especially becoming CrueltyFree and Vegan. Check my InstaShop out for all my Organic and Sustainable products and Vegan outfits. 

I have no regrets! Besides my Healthy Lifestyle my great Organic and Vegan products can be purchased at my InstaShop, even for hair, accessories, Vegan shoes, t-shirts, dresses, tops, bags everything i have collected for you too, Guy’s stuff as well.

Im sure you like my bag and Straw Hat? My heels are also vintage and made from CRUELTYFREE material! I am going to auction some items you see im wearing so you can bid at the website of Free A Girl(they save young girls from forced prostitution world wide but especially children from India), please visit my landing page with them. 

Please support me and Free a Girl to raise funds to FREE CHILDREN from forced prostitution. Thank you.
This Rare CrueltyFree Vintage Bag are among items i will be auctioning to raise funds for FREE A GIRL to raise funds and FREE YOUNG GIRLS FROM FORCED PROSTITUTION worldwide especially in India as im half Indian.

To visit my InstaShop /please click on The link here below.

Thank you. Hugs Kiss Kiss 💋💋

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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