ASTMA /ASTHMA & COPD! How to cope. Allergies & Bronchitus.




GEÜPDATET / UPDATE: DECEMBER 2019. Mijn blog is in het Engels en Nederlands omdat ik erg veel fans wereldwijd hebt! Zo kan ik meer mensen bereiken dit gaat niet alleen om mijn medisch issues maar ook dieren in nood en de Long Fonds!
I have my blog in both English and Dutch because I have fans worldwide! This way I reach more people and for eg this blog about my medical issues but also donating to the Lung Funda and volunteering for animals in need!

I have Links here to THE LUNGS FUND! It’s for the Dutch Lung funds/Astma/Copd link, they gave me my own page. I donated a pic to them! Isn’t that great? You can do this too!

All my life i suffer from ASTHMA & BronchitIs with allergies (in dutch it’s called astma bronchiale met atopie), yet another chronical illness, but hey i cope with it. SURPRISE, cause im not only this beautiful woman posing all over on the internet im also suffering more than 8 medical issues! None of you know me well!


BRON/SOURCE: Wikipedia!

ENGLISH: My biggest enemy and evil neighbour lol!

DUTCH: Mijn grootste vijand en boosdoener!

So what do I do to live better with ASTMA? I adjust, firstly my bedroom, The most important as one sleeeps here between 5 to 8 hours and every other room in my home to prevent further problems so i live these days hardly with any major obstacles neither in and out of emergency rooms. I leant a lot from Long Fonds. I started to support them.

I have airpassage obstructions from I think 29 years ago! This Astma is a nasty air passage disorder which affects one’s breathing issues and your lungs when triggered by foreign matters for eg misty, cold, windy, rainy weather or allergies for eg dust mite(terrible for me), hair from animals( i love pets btw), freshly cut grass, pollen in spring, shelled fish(im also allergic to all), hairy fruit too. They are mostly heridatory reasons but it can be caused by where you were born, near the sea like me in Durban South Africa or like the climate in your city or country in general, i have less complications in sunny places. But i love the sea so i won’t stay away, noooooo, i will prevent attacks by using anti histamines, my ventolin and seritide puffs, sometimes using the nebulizer and taking my allergy tablets Desloratadine(I must). I must also use for eg Flexonase, its a nose spray, i do try to use homeopathic ones. You all know i love following Ayurveda(natural and ancient Indian healing methods) however certain medical problems that i have aren’t always cured totally naturally because i will have to take in a lot per day, or consume only plantbased like hundreds every day, so at times it’s impossible to cure organically in a few seconds like the ventolin aerosol reliëf its also in this inhaler, no cooking involved its easy and convenient and a must to save my life. I take it with me all over! Yep even in the train, on Holidays everywhere it’s just that I never show it! I always run to the toilet to inhale and you must rinse your mouth for “schimmel” mould, but now I just do it in front of anybody I couldnt bother!

GEÜPDATET 26 December 2019.

Pic updated in December 2019.

Its first is an airway problem then that leads to lung issues, it can get nasty and in my case very dangerous like almost losing your life if for eg i eat prawns, lobsters or crab(allergic reactions), or if i am surrounded by thousands of dust mite or too many dog hairs. There are only 2 types of dog breeds i agree with it’s the Yorkie(yorkshire terrier) and the “Obama poodle”(the famous dog that the family Obama has). I will start weasing badly, getting short breathes,  i might collapse, i do get itchy rashes red skin which starts bleeding if i scratch in my sleep.

But hey no sweat it’s ok even during spring i have problems this is why my home is clean, neat and dust free. I wash all my bedding etc often and if i have plush animals i place it in the freezer and that’s how i kill dust mite but i have no carpet for eg or any home decor where dust can collect and nestle those tiny nasty looking (microscopic) dust mites. Also note the ventilation openings above my window, this is always open even in ice cold weather.

Even if im not well I will still vacuum slowly but surely just to prevent dust from settling! But I have a cleaner too!

As you can see i have my Astma pumps/aerosols everywhere im my appartement, kitchen, bathroom etc just in case i have an attack but when your home is dust free and clean, when you don’t have real animal products lying around as im allergic for eg feathers but especially dust mite which triggers off my astma too then there’s no need for an alarm. I make sure my home is dry!

SOURCE: Photo Credit, GILLES SAN MARTIN. BBC NEWS. So Becareful for this!

Always prevent than suffer. Dustfree homes is the best got us!

ALSO: Note the air filter removing unpleasant cooking smells etc as that also triggers off attacks in my airway. The air circulation in my entire flat is adjusted for me so i breathe fresh and clean, i always have the it on. So as you can see every room is totally dust free and neat. Actually for good health, beauty and great to have great skin anyway we always should live in a tidy and free from bacteria space. Forget all those organic and cruelty free creams if you home is dirty and a disaster.

Miss Fauxy’s Kitchen / Mijn Keuken

WARNING. If you are a CELIAC / Coeliac make sure your medication doesnt have Gluten or wheat flour addative (i take Dapsone 100mg in The white container in the 1st pic)!! And now im a VEGAN so no gelatin(animal derived in marshmallows too) for me either so ask your Doc or pharmacist!

Oh did you see my spinning bike in my lounge here below? Yep thats also one of my LIFESAVERS i suggest all of you get one ASAP, you can find one even at the second hand shop or put up an ad looking for one, just get it i swear to God ahahaha!! I recovered also by having this in my home, riding it whenever i want and also getting those tight muscles and young sexy legs too, so now you know another aging secret, see got nothing to do with cremes and lotions neither food. Just a gym apparatus.

Note my Spinning bike in My lounge. I also have an electric bike to help me when i have chronic pain, suffer from astma and still wanna go outdoors instead of lying in bed all day. Click  on the pic to view spinning Bikes like this and maybe you can get one too from Amazon.



Seeing that i almost died 2x i better listen to my doctors! But never forget to SMILE!! I used to be on breathing machines in the emergency rooms often but i now learned to adapt and improve my Lifestyle for better. Im not only a Vegan now but i’m also a Celiac(Coeliac), i have 2 rare auto immune Disease so im very conscious and i try to maintain my clean and sober habits Offcourse i do not Smoke, that’s not done and very dangerous for Astma sufferers. I used to smoke too omg that’s Terrible!!

But hey look at me now SMILE darling!! Selfie time, this is what I look like When Im really sick at home but I think I look just fine.

I’m always honest and i couldn’t bother what people think of me when you see this pic for eg, but I don’t wear makeup at home at all. Ja ja and sometimes my eye is very lazy too, lol. So with all my medical issues darling I have time to smile I think I look just cool and happy as I don’t end up at emergency rooms anymore as I medicatie myself by following rules, clean home, healthy food and being fit.

BLIJVEN LACHEN / SMILE: Ziek of niet je moet toch blijven lachen he! Even if you’re at times sick you gotta smile lol!

Selfie time and note i don't wear makeup at home at all.

CHARITY / GOEDE DOELEN: Dacht u altijd dat ik vol makeup zat, alleen soms bitter en boos en probeert mooi te zijn? Nou ik ga ook weleens dieren helpen bijvoorbeeld in Crailo en met honden wandelen ook al ben ik allergisch voor meeste dieren het is tijdelijk ik pep me ook op ik doe het echt!

Zie pics!

Did you always think im only trying to look pretty, be a smart as* and cause trouble lol, I also have medical issues to worry about especially getting older it’s hard! But even with allergies I also go to my local animal shelter and walk dogs! Seriously I just do it because you won’t die! Lol. They need you!

Steun Dierenlot Koop ook loten
Steun Dierenlot Koop ook loten

BEAUTY: This was my 16 1/2 year old doggy a Yorkshire Terrier passed in South Africa I was very sick in the Netherlands in 2014/15 she died without me around! I got her with my ex Henk in 2002. starting bringing her up from a baby with my ex. She saved me! She’salso a non allergic dog (Yorkie), the “Obama Poodle” and Affenpinscher too! Why don’t they have “yorkie” im this list im not sure she is a great doggy even for my health!

  • Basenji.
  • Bedlington Terrier.
  • Bichon Frise.
  • Hairless Chinese Crested.
  • Havanese.
  • Irish Water Spaniel.
  • 8. Kerry Blue Terrier.


So when Im in trouble I use an electric bike but i still love The outdoors, sometimes Im The only person outside cycling or walking in the snow. click on this pic for my electric bikes.


Please Support Longfonds Netherlands I created in December 2019 a post. Im getting over my traumas so now im concentrating on helping others too it’s not only medical but in the future I will help where I can also to people with gender issues and stand up as a model for people who are being bullied and murdered because of their Gender & Sexuality! I am a straight female but a little different what people don’t know is I have many Somatic and dangerous problems so I have to somehow manage this too! Now I’m here to help others so let’s go let’s do it!

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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