Younger Organic Skin & Healthy Hair? Get to know my Secrets!

Miss Fauxy's Organic Products to look young CLICK ON MY PIC or Shop my Loo
Miss Fauxy’s Organic Vegan & GlutenFree Products to look younger CLICK ON MY PIC or Shop Miss Faux’s Look here below.

Hellllooooo sexy boys & girls wouldn’t you like to just grab me and Kiss me on my 50 yr old lips? Mwaaahhhh!! Ahahaha Smile!!

Ach you know we women do need help whilst getting older so here below are some products i use to enhance my middle aged killer body and looks!

I only use natural and organic stuff you know that by now, i tried quite a few for months myself so that’s why my site will have many affiliate links so you get ideas and be influenced by me from now on as to what i’m using to look so beautiful and young at my age So imagine if you start at a young age in 2017/18? The best thing i ever did in my life that helps me now medically and daily is becoming a real Vegan, jaaaaa VGN!!

NO NONSENSE! It’s obvious i never use everything i’m advertising too get outta her!! So i will make sure you all can afford similar life changing mostly Vegan, Gluten free & Organic products. Even on my beautiful fingers and Nails Okee!!

Are you a couch potato? Noooooo not me!! You know also clean eating, gym, fitness( look at my schoulders after 6 months, whoop whoop!), cycling, spinning & squatting help me tremendously.  Soon i’ll show you my a** ahahaha, its all paying off butttt my boobies are disappearing!! Lol, omg help!! Noooooooo its ok im fine well i can stuff them up with those fake chicken filets, they Vegan, lol!

So im treating myself, jaaaa see above pic even my decolette babeeee, these days with cruelty Free and Vegan beauty products but they also Glutenfree! It’s so weird i don’t suggest this to you but if i happen to rub a product on my lips that has very little gluten or wheat starch in it, i get fatter lips aahahah. Instant injections lol, without needles and nasty chemicals!! But offcourse i’m intolerant when i consume wheat and gluten, but no this is stupid cos when eat it i’ll get very sick, but im just telling you what i tried out accidentally whilst abstaining from Gluten medically. Offcourse i will never follow fake trends and do for eg lip injections or insert other nasty needles in my body like in Hollywood & Hillywood(where i live near Amsterdam). I know it looks very NOW & WOW but i prefer Natural!!

So when my hair is dirty it curls up and looks shorter like this here when i wake up!

So after i wash my hair with Organic and natural shampoo + conditioner it looks like this here without using GHD yet!!

No theres no extensions, i never wear that, its my real hair but this GHD straightener and curler!!

Before & After Hairstyles by GHDSo back to this Hair thing, my hairstyling is brought to you by GHD, here below, most products for my hair come from Organic companies in my InstaShop.

So shop Miss Fauxy’s look here below please or just take a look at my post on 


Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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