VIDEO: Miss Fauxy shows of her Ghd Hair, Organc Skin & Nail Polish


CHILDISH! Heyyyy im ready for Christmas!! I’m so playful at 50 yrs old, i don’t think you will say act your age woman cos i won’t listen anyway Ahahahah!! So here’s a video i made in December 2017 to prove it Ahahah!! I’m loving life.

GREAT HAIR! I love playing with and showing off my GHD styled Hair like a little girlie. So in my InstaShop i collected many stylers and plenty Organic Hair products too offcourse with natural ingredients!

Organic hair products & GHD stylers

SEXY NAILS! Ohh look look oh my word those Nails by Lauren B Beauty i’m so happy their polish lasts ages and my skin looks younger!! I’m gonna scratch you on your back lol!! My polish is wicked girl, not only is it Vegan but also cruelty free, gluten free, non toxic it keeps my fingers young and pretty! This ones a bit pricy so i collected similar but cheaper ones for you too! Nooooo its not totally different it’s the Brand name! Excuse Moi but i just like Lauren B that’s all!!

Vegan & Cruelty Free Nail polish So shop Miss Fauxy’s look here below please or just take a look  

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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