I love Aubergine(Eggplant) Snacks

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🍆 AUBERGINE(Eggplant) snacks

Excuse me did you say Veggies are yuks! Yeaahhh, whateva but they ate every piece and they asking me for more! Lol!!

Miss Fauxy’s Beauty Tip: NEVER EVER DEEPFRY! I said it again also in my Insta i keep nagging just dont do it my food tastes so good with olive oil and not deep fried on a non stick pan, skillet or even grilled in an oven baby!

I NEVER MEASURE! I use Glutenfree Flour as Im a Celiac and an Egg replacer and coconut Milk to make my batter as i’m A Vegan. It is hard yes but I can handle this. So in a big granola bowl I add a teaspoon of egg replacer, i mix that with kokos milk(thick), freshly chopped coriander, fresh ginger and garlic, 1/2 teaspoon turmeric, glutenfree flour, S & P , you can add some spring onions, dry parsley mix then I cut thin slices of Eggplant the let it soak in mixture, then fry on non stick pan with very little olive oil.

You can also preheat an oven for 10 min at 200 degrees, place all the soaked pieces of Eggplant on a baking tray then bake for 15 min. If you want it crispier then leave it in for 20min.

Im so glad i have Indian influence in me!! I made this and you guessed it with Indian Spices using half a teaspoon TURMERICKurkuma, my holy beauty ingredient and products but let me tell you this i even use it in homemade sauces and soups everyday i use a little bit of Turmeric/Kurkuma everywhere!! People say eeeuw Indian Food is terrible it burns your tongue, it’s too hot and spicy, well just use less chillies or chilli powder and when measuring(i never) just use a small amount, a teaspoon of Turmeric or half not a Tablespoon.

So your food must TASTES not burn your mouth lol. My mom was Indian pity i didn’t know her! But i actually started making this eggplant snack on my own in 2000, nooooo and i wasn’t a Vegan then! You know i don’t regret becoming first Pescetarian then Vegetarian and yasssss darling at 50 yrs old I,ve become a true VGN for Vegan Never too late Hey!

So see my Vegan/Vegetarian and glutenfree recipe books here below!

Gluten free & Vegan recipe books

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Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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