TIPS: 5300+ Vegan & Cruelty Free products for

Miss Fauxy is too proud to present to you her own INSTASHOP!!

It’s all about Organic, gluten Free, cruelty Free, sustainable, eco friendly & Vegan Beauty, Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle, for men too( No Vegan and Gluten Free food here except protein shakes sorry)

My Instashop is also in my main menu and all my Instagram posts can be viewed there too and you can shop My style! Thank you Shopstyle for giving me this opportunity!! I am really doing ok now and i also thank my determination and discipline Offcourse those Vegan and GF protein shakes helped me through nasty times too.

I also have products for men like sneakers and shoes, for kids, your home and garden , travel deals and weekend getaways too. I even have electric bicycles!!

Believe it or not i also have Sustainable furniture well just a few things but for now its ok. So If you a Blogger, Model and Influencer FOLLOW ME to learn more about earning quickly, sign up with brands or collective companies like me with ShopStyle according to your niche(otherwise sign up collectively) and start earning money just by influencing people on Instagram and other social media sites.

I think in the future i’m gonna settle down with gym and fitness gear  and for eg active holidays as i can combine that with healthy eating habits in the form of gluten free and vegan gym food. So then i will cover all beauty, fashion, food, fitness & lifestyle for like minded at the same time travel to beautiful destinations. 

Offcourse creating your own website like this one I started with WordPress, first free then premium and voilaaaaa now a business plan is a must as i started earning so quickly only after i took the business plan as one can implement any html or other specific affiliate codes, banners, text links, videos, big or small ads, slideshows and affiliate companies have plugins with wordpress compatible displays so one can add for Amazon links etc in a post without going to Amazon website. So guys please try to influence genuinly. People will find out if you fake, ohh faux sure lol. That’s a no go to become successful , so check my shop please maybe you will be inspired, get ideas how i’ve succeeded so quickly, you have questions shoot!!! 🙏🏽

This is my follow page, everyone knows my webshop but my follower count here is only 2 lol, drama darling, well that’s because it’s a seperate page sorry about that!. Please follow me!

This is My Authenticity Fohr card however my original account was named Join Jen’s Journey i later discovered Miss Fauxy and use this name now permanently. Offcourse im happy cos even Marianna Hewitt(huge and beautiful Influencer) has this badge. 

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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