VIDEO: Black Boy’s Hoodie say’s: “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle”. Sparks racial riots!



Friends just sent me 2 video’s from South Africa of a Hennes & Mauritz store in Sandton, Johannesburg where i used to live being trashed by EFF Supporters(Economic Freedom Fighters). Nasty, disgusting actions of these people but also disgraceful, attention seeking and disturbing H & M ad!

Should people behave this way if clothing,  fashion stores make “blunders” like putting a Black boy in a green hoodie that say’s “ i am the coolest monkey in the Jungle” and the white boy’s say’s “Survival expert”?

Pic Credit: taken from Def Rymz on Instagram. So i found this pic from Instagram in 1982 an ad by Benetton.

I’m totally in schock after comparing both pics, but in real life i know better and i dont see any discrimination literally here in Holland but this is a very nasty text on a printed hood. I know it exists! Im so pretty etc and still i’m discriminated for many reasons and yes my colour as well but not daily just once in a while, i can live with that i just don’t bother anymore!!

What i don’t understand is why most media channels even Dutch Tv and online where i live are not putting up the entire ad like here above but only the Black boy?

Seriously, so i see the problem here why black people are furious as hes the monkey and the white boy is the expert!! But i just noticed also the way the white boy looks at the black boy too! Wasn’t this ad supposed to be fun, bright and happy and be selling now!! It’s as if its becoming a trend, that’s nasty darlings!

Personally i think this is rude and bad for South Africa as Black people been through a lot!! I was Born there so i know better!!

Is this Racism?

What do you think?

Recently i put this here below in my Instagram after Trump’s ranting again this time about Black & Brown people, i think this man is actually creating havoc, racism and dividing everyone and everythings all of a sudden very tender and seen as racism too omg i just hope somebody stops this nonsense! So especially when it’s days that’s remembering Martin Luther King it seems companies are doing this deliberately!! People also using racist comments for distraction or just disrespecting the black race.

Just Imagine i came from apartheid riddled South Africa and in 2018 i’m reading and hearing of racism!! Well what do you think of my colour here below. Black & Brown is beautiful baby ahaahaha well in summer time my skin turns almost black even in the shade or under an umbrella but i love it!!

So let me distract you a bit ahahaha!!

120px; height: 240px;” src

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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