Bamboo Make-up Brushes= Animal + Climate Friendly

Helllooooo!!! I AM ME, I AM FREE I AM ALSO FUR FREE!!  Tja onder andere!!

You all know me from InstaGram (post here below), preaching day in day out about Joining Jen’s Journey(i became Miss Fauxy end of 2017 officially, trademarking my name and owning my tags), that i’ve become a Vegan in 2017 and I’m totally Cruelty Free(most of my life) as well meaning i only eat and wear non animal derived goodies to health myself but also enhance my youthful look at 50 yrs of age!!

I’m not even wearing wool anymore as i’ve seen horror not only in movies but also real life just to look fauxing beautiful and smile like a spoilt b**** noooooo these days my entire life has become Fauxy!! Go ahead call me Fake and cheap ahahaha but hey this sexy middle aged, beautiful Vegan babe couldnt bother, as long as animals aren’t tortured anymore i will die in peace until then i will FORCE you to buy NON ANIMAL PRODUCTS okee?

This is from My US AMAZON For Germany and UK here below
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I don’t have regrets, nooooooo regrets!! Miss Fauxy isn’t guilty anymore!! I’m not sorry i changed my habits so even

These very luxury brushes and are from REVOLVE

Revolve Vegan Makeup BrushesWhy are we making animals suffer soooooo much Omg Im baffled I cry often, so listen i’m selling you this now but offcourse its not a trick nooooo let’s all change to Vegan, Cruelty Free Beauty & Fashion and Lifestyle products. So even if you don’t buy via my website now i’m still very happy you all understand the urge in me to promote Vegan and Cruelty Free products and are aware of my pledge!!

SOHO NEW YORK: Click on the pic here below to purchase directly !

Vegan makeup brushes

So non Vegans, listen I never said you should stop eating meat totally but like my other posts start eating sustainably and maybe a little bit more Vegetarian it’s healthier too just look at me at fifty and i recently transitioned to Veganism, step by step i got to being a true VGN as i also realized my health and auto immune diseases improved more than 50 %!!

[amazon_link asins=’B01CF2W436,B01M0YXOCJ,B018KGJ0J2,B01MA5T5PE,B01KT9L0D2,B016YP7MFU,B075W1KMJ7′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’missfauxy-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’24082854-2a98-11e8-97ef-4f048e109f6e’]

Seriously, i thank my daily healthy habits, actually everyone whom are suffering but also want to live longer, look younger and healthier should change!! Not only do we save animals but also our planet as less animals are bred, less grain is grown, less waste is produced by them and a hellava less water is consumed!!

These are from my Amazon Partnership, seriously amazing totally Cruelty free and Vegan by CLEOF KABUKI BAMBOO

The Description for these brushes are here below!

Vegan Kabuki Bamboo makeup brushes

About this product
• 10,000 BRISTLES FOR A PERFECT COVERAGE – Includes over 10,000 silky soft and fine density bristles (in our kabuki, powder, blending and blush brushes) to pick up and distribute makeup products better, from liquid and creams to powder and minerals.
• QUALITY RE-DEFINED – Learning from flaws of other inferior products, we’ve carefully constructed a truly superior quality brush set that is certain to not have those usual flaws, like leaving hairs behind, or falling apart.

VEGAN AND ECO-FRIENDLY – Because our earth and all its creatures deserve to be protected, and treated with love, these brushes are made with bamboo (the Fastest Growing Plant on Earth) as well as synthetic bristles and not hair from animals.

• A BRUSH FOR EVERY NEED – Get all the brushes you need for flawless application of any product, in this complete, versatile and easy-to-use set of makeup brushes! From the thickest to the thinnest strokes. This 13 pc brush set has everything you need.

PERFECT GIFT IDEA – This brush set, especially with that cute carrying pouch, makes it an ideal and practical present for any woman, girlfriend, daughter, sister or wife who cares about looking good and needs a set with all the essentials to carry everywhere she goes.

Look Flawless At All Times With Cleof

Makeup 101: You need the perfect brush to get the job done!
If you love doing your makeup, then you know how important it is to have the right brushes!
You need soft and high quality brushes that will not shed any hair all over your face or have heavy handles that make it impossible to blend properly!
And you don’t just need one or two, you need a whole set!
You need the Cleof Makeup Brushes with Bamboo Handles Set!

In this amazing set you will find 13 amazing brushes that are essential for every kind of makeup:
•Foundation Brush
•Big Eye shadow Brush
•High Light Brush
•Eye Smudge Brush
•Concealer Brush
•Eyebrow Brush
•Small Eye shadow Brush
•Blusher Brush
•Eyelash Brush
•Multifunction Foundation Brush
•Multifunction Blush Brush
•Mini Kabuki Brush
•Fan Brush


The Perfect Handle
The brushes are very soft and well-made so that they will last you for years to come!
The handles of the brushes are made with high quality bamboo that is very strong and durable and yet extremely lightweight!
This way you can do your makeup to perfection and with special attention to detail without the brush weighing you down or hurting your wrist!
The Gift You Were Looking For
This fabulous brush set will make the most amazing gift for every woman in your life!
Get this set for your favorite makeup fanatic and rest assured that she will love it!

So what are you waiting for?

I’m making a difference now it’s your turn!!

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List of Miss Fauxy’s Makeup Accessories only


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Hugs Kiss Kiss! 💋💋

Eco Friendly, Cruelty Free, Sustainable
Eco Friendly, Cruelty Free, Sustainable

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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