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Would you date a Vegan or Vegetarian? I never warned anybody, not even my fellow Instagrammers that my relationship is over and i just started to become at ease with being single! Noooooo it isn’t easy but life must go on. This is my very first post concerning dating let alone Dating Vegans or having Vegan Love as this is  my first year being alone literally and without love. So I am a great candidate for these books after transitioning to Veganism in 2017!! Offcourse I will be happier and comfortable if my future partner is a Vegan.

This is a Dutch Recipe Book / Nederlands Recepten Boek

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Ooohhh la la, i’m loving my body, working hard for it, my health and eating healthier(No meat especially), being fit but real LOVE at this moment will re-surface, no sweat baby, ahaha so i’m cool with being single for now but not for long!! I wont say i love my life now totally because the last 10 years have been nasty, a total of 8 family and friends and my beloved Beauty, a 16 yr old Yorkshire Terriër passed away in The Netherlands and South Africa, all RIP ❤🙏🏽.

You know this is life, however i get up and go go, so just look at me today doing this post, in great shape, finishing off this website, to be quite honest I thought I would have been dead, medical and private reasons. We all human and we all have ups and downs! I intend to stay on Earth, create a future, love & happiness and to SHARE with a partner!

Getting back to My food, I’m still missing some Gluten delights i couldnt do without before but not meat tho noooooo way!! For my Beasties I LOVE YOU darlings, I wil do My best to protect you lifelong!! Ahahah!! So these days I made up with Vegan & Gluten Free alternatives as Im also a Celiac too. No sweat guys as this wasn’t an issue in my relationships before.

Pic 2017. Model Miss Fauxy. This is My InstaShop on ShopStyle. As you can see I love walking in nature, the beach, forest, mouintains, outdoors so i hope you do too!

This Valentine I will celebrate Vegantines Ahahah. So guys, please read first here below to know what type of Guy i love!! Please Dm me on my Instagram(Miss Fauxy) not here Thank you. Hugs  Kiss Kiss 💋💋❤🌹

But please do read the reviews many introduced Veganism and Vegetarianism to their partners by the way, well especially if you have auto immune diseases like me it will benefit you. Some even bought a few copies as you can get a used one for $2 and 99p for my Uk Customers here below until 18th February 2018 on my Amazon and yes its refurbished before selling meaning desinfected Ahahaha see Amazon takes care of you!!

I will just be honest and tell you that my relationship which was loving but also very abusive and controlling is over and I am going to date again however after being stalked 3 times in 3 years i am not ready. The last stalker came from Canada and is locked up but I guess not for long. I am not at all sad and crying hysterically after my break-up but seriously I loved him a lot, we had 2 years together but When you in an abusive relationship talk to people and get out of it, i didnt straight away and i’m lucky because i’m working on my website after a years delay so i’m busy, not depressed!

I like my single life at the moment! However who doesn’t want LOVE, to be romantic, especially now near Valentines Day in February 2018. sharing love and a home, cook with a guy is applicable to me as I like a real companion not a one night stand or weekend lover!!

I love being with a non aggresive, caring and romantic man(im fussy so i dont date dominant guys neither too soft), i’m Heterosexual,not bi(forget it), lol, having a pet again, doing things together and offcourse we all get older and being 50+ isn’t ok to be single at all so I will date soon. But this time I think I will want to consider dating a Vegan. Btw My Yorkie Beauty just passed after reaching 16 1/2 years old! So a new “ leaf “totally!!

I became a true VGN end of 2017 but i was before that for 3 days per week a vegan and vegetarian and 4 days a pescetarian so it would be fun cooking with a Vegan lover and experiencing a real Vegantine!

Ooohhhlala, it will be exciting don’t you think so? Maybe a gym and fitness Vegan partner or Vegetarian but not a guy obsessed with his body, ooohhhh I don’t mind him looking nice, tight and Healthy tho but actually for himself and not what others think!!

When i was transitioning i purchased this vegan & vegetarian recipe book also available on my Kindle and to pose with it for you and to show of my pretty nails i took it off the shelves and here it is it’s called Veggie Very Much (Urban Healthy recipes) by Mirjam Leslie Pringle and this is from 2012!

Also in Dutch. Ook In het Nederlands

Veggie Very Much
Whilst Transitioning to Veganism this book Veggie Very Much helped me a lot


I love Peanut butter Ahahaha!

Vegan and Gluten Free Recipe Books

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Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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