My Beautiful GHD Hair-Stylers on SALE

Zoom in on the bottom left as its like this before using a Ghd and I did the top part too and please not on my blind eye Ahahah well on My lips then whateva, even with 1 eye I can still look Beautiful!



I’m sure you’ve seen my gorgeous hair styles on Instagram but i do need help and offcourse GHD helps me, it’s something im proud about!! Many still think my hair is fake but seriously i style it with this here below. So you guys are Lucky this post is especially for the sale items you see first.

The most important is that i save a lot of money for hairdressers as my long hair tends to cost above €100. I noticed my stylers are famous only in certain countries like South Africa where the women are crazy for GHD, like members of my family so i hope i can introduce this to you. South Africa is my birth country and i have 7 brothers and sisters there. I did get awarded the best influencer on Instagram for GHD in 2018 by Fohr Card, The Influencer Agency where Marianna Hewitt is registered.

I mentioned before that my GHD Hair Journey started in 2002 when i visited family in South Africa and i never have any regrets. Especially on holidays after Styling my hair it stays beautiful as if i went to the salon even after I swim it isn’t frizzy! My entire family has The Ghd, i’ve got 12 nieces, girlie cousins and 3 sisters, can you imagine and they all have beautiful Indian hair like me so i’m glad i discovered GHD.

So i collected many different types of GHD Stylers, Curlers, combs and brushes for everybody. Hope you will try it! So now that i have a proper website all my secrets are being revealed, how nice cos i love to SHARE & INSPIRE you, well like I do on my Instagram right! I’m a little dizzy at times and chaotic but someday i will let you know why, ok, Hugs and kisses




Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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