Tantra Sex(Indian Style) is also Fitness (Tja het is ook fit blijven)

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Miss Fauxy is a Fitgirl
Fitness for me isnt only at the gym but also outside or in my bedroom and im not shy to tell you that!! Do it the right way then you gonna look young and sexy at 50 like me. Btw i passed 50 last year so injn 2018 i am single but doesnt mean to say i am not monogamous either. I would prefer to have a gym partner too AND A GUY I CAN PRACTICE TANTRA NATURALLY WITH SO CLICK ON MY PARSHIP BANNER TO DATE ME AND WE SHALL SEE. I am not proposing sex but a a date for a relationship.


Im sure you noticed on my Instagram that I like being fit and I cycle a lot even though Im chronically ill, i try my best to look and feel good at 50 and offcourse Inspire you. I am also a very spiritual person not religious so i leant a lot from my asian side(my mothers heritage), she was Indian and they always used natural ways to enhance their sex lives and the way they look. The reason im now doing this is to influence people like me but also when one has had trauma’s, relationship issues, losses in life and mostly to become healthier, younger looking and fitter. Did you notice we live longer but arent necessarily healthier!! Food is very important but we don’t talk about this but i think sex is also very important as it makes us feel better inside and outside too!


[amazon_link asins=’1542428890,B01IYJVGME,1781807108,1533619646,0517549484,B06XR1GJRT,1903816378,0520236564,B01ADJMWEE’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’missfauxy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’48f4fbd1-397d-11e8-8b9f-f1e842655565′]

So back to my bedroom here one can also decrease calories Ahahah naturally too. So Im being fit outside but I also love good monogamous sex inside. Tantra sex! Hey seriously some people just have sex, as that burns calories too yasss it does but if you have one partner thats great and safe too.

[amazon_link asins=’B07BQ2NY91,B071F43QF6,B00TNU5FHG,B079RN37W7,B005P0K67W,B00MU1LS8U,B003VNMP2E,3734743729,B07BPCGBJP’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’missfauxy2200-21′ marketplace=’DE’ link_id=’0a0961a7-35c0-11e8-be0c-038b85b513b9′]

I love sex with one person offcourse when you click with somebody like I did(Im now single btw) i did it so often i didnt even have to go to the gym lol, but in my previous relationship i always practiced Tantra sex (the Indian form of having wonderful sex like feeling, smelling, touching, looking, listening etc), thats actually having very long foreplay, enjoying your partner from top to bottom. It isnt pats boem bang I meant having an orgasm and thats it!! Noooooo!! I now actually miss that badly, like everyday being single and just cuddling for example!!


[amazon_link asins=’B004GXB03I,1973121646,1539144100,1985689952,1548484105,1623157129,0399579680,009189476X,1781807108′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’missfauxy-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’8293f5e7-397d-11e8-8b4a-65342bb375f4′]

The right Gear!! Getting back to keeping fit I always try to use the proper gear and equipement to get it right. But I i can say eating healthy and moving your body constantly is really important to look and feel good too! I do hiking, spinning at home I bought a spinning bike and I don’t regret it as in winter and when Im sick i use it If i cant visit the gym, also swimming, cycling on your normal bike even to the supermarket we Dutch love bicycles but even taking the staircase everyday like I do when Im outside. Move it  move it baby!!

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Fitness Gear from My Shopstyle


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Proud chickie

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