Should my idea be the 1st or 11th Commandment? Thy shall not Sexually Abuse Children!


🇺🇸 Halllloooooo Amerika!!

So guys Im gonna be very honest to you!! I see holy stuff all over here in the Usa, I stumbled upon this and Im missing something!! 1st or 11th Commandment but i want it as priority to be the 1st now how bout dath?

The Ten Commandments

In the Vatican and even America there is widespread sexual Child Abuse so because man wrote the Bible I think it should be edited to fit my commandment either nr 1 or 11th!!

It has adultery forbidden in it right so why not ask mostly men not to abuse young boys and girls. Also people condemn and discriminate Lgbtiq+ folk whom are also human beings and mostly wrongfully accused and shunned from society so we must condemn sexual predators and jail them because Children’s lives matter too, they vulnerable, badly and sadistically violated too, they like animals cant speak for themselves so we must do something!!

Im not christian neither a Catholic but because one of my exes abused his daughter too I will never step in a church ever again except to make pics of the Architecture as an amateur photographer cause the church itself never harmed me neither did its people. I went there because of my exes they were all Christian men. One was Catholic and you guessed it, yep that one sexually abused his daughter too. I actually found that out myself.

Im a spiritual Buddhist once again not a religious person so lets all PRAY for Justice and I hope they adjust the 10 commandments! I just wonder If other religions have this type of scandals in their holy places If they do I hope they all get exposed and penalized, stay away from kids they not your ( sex) toys okee!!! So all I wanna know will people appreciate what Im saying or will they critisize and hate me.

Children are our future and our life so very simple they should be holy to us. I know there’s child abuse all over but this issue with Pennsylvania for eg where i just went to a funeral for a veteran who was laid to rest is just too much for me to handle. I hope he never abused anybody as he was also shunned by his ex wife, daughter and granddaughter. I know him via somebody else. I wondered why would he die of a broken heart except diabetes and colon cancer?

Btw from before 3 yrs old child I was sexually abused until 11 yrs I think not by my blood thank the lord(whoever) he is but by people married into my family.

So what do you think? I know sexual abuse is in all countries and doesnt discriminate but i must add since the Me Too Movement started im so glad mostly men in high positions are being shamed and legally sorted out however for the victims one cannot easily sort it out as damage is done and its too long suffering and pain.

Hugs Kiss Kiss 💋💋🙏🏽

#metoo #childrenslivesmatter #girlslivesmatter #boyslivesmatter #teenslivesmatter #kidslivesmatter #babieslivesmatter #toddlerslivesmatter #childrentoo

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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