My Trip to Texas, Usa

Halllloooooo Amerika!!

In this this country everything is literally huge, cars, trucks, drinks food, people, states, buildings, cities, parks and even the roads, oh my word its just gigantic and im like a little girl at times in a candy store as almost everything for me is new but also like in the movies.

I have to make photos all the time just because of those movies. Its so true. The only issue i have is the heat and the distance, everythings so far away but alsoits so humid and hot at the same time, actually i kinda like it but for how long we shall see.

So everywhere Ive been people respected me, some started loving me, most wanted a selfie, most stared at me, started chatting or hitting on me and offcourse I like that too, be polite, be aware and alert but stay loving and kind too.

This pic sums up America totally as in ethnicity, very colourful to think about it everyone is an immigrant except the Indians.

Many doors opened and some chique places carpets rolled out.

Just 1 nasty incident In this gigantic country concerning the 1st pic but heyyy Im safe and sound however ill never eva do a hostel again pppffff! Btw can you Imagine Miss Fauxy’s life without drama darling. Ahahahah!!

I didnt cancel trip but started backpacking and being adventurous these last 2 weeks.

I think this country is just amazing, you must be careful at times but people didnt always have bad intentions I still think ladies must travel with company(make friends on the way).


So 18 kg of my stuff disappeared but i didnt let that stop me! I met one guy from a dating website called Interracial before leaving The Netherlands for Usa but he turned out too conservative, only watches bible programmes and preaching, goes to church, but does fitness like me, he’s a handsome guy but seriously not my cuppa tea, lol!!

Anyway so hurricane is really hurricane, im glad it didnt really start like being a disaster i just kept missing the storm wherever i went.

img_3438I have sooooo much to tell but im very busy with modelling at the moment i will concentrate full time soon on blogging hope you all be patient, to be continued………………………….


Hugs Kiss Kiss





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