Getting Fat in USA or am I Thick Af?


Halloooooo Amerika!! You making me fat lol!! Or am I getting thick af?

Nooooo just kiddin darlin! Im in control of my body babee!


So even on a road trip im eating healthy in the car, whenever I can, lol and Im prepared I have #plasticphobia too(new hashtag use it pls)!! They stare at me badly guys wanna literally force themselves on me and Faux me, hey Im very serious, most don’t even know Im middleaged, really, all races and ladies get jealous(look at my other posts and pics even in swimsuit but my killerbody also gets me in trouble not funny).

Darn these Americans also tempt me so badly with these fudges(love that gonna get fat) those burgers, burritos, tortilla’s, hotdogs, bagels, steaks, ribs, soulfood, fatty asianfood, nahh Im not missing it darlings, peanut butter jelly yeahhhh I like!!

So fastfood country people they tease me and literally think im very “skinny” cos I come from LA lol or Europe and I starve, eat only salade, only do yoga, they also mock “GlutenFree and Vegan excuse moi im actually thinking of animals, Earth(they were before us) and your kids future go ahead Bish I actually eat like a glutton its seriously the quantity here too and I eat alternatives just saying Im cured by nature too offcourse Im bragging because its true!! Whatevaaaas!!

So anyway if you wanna look so good at 50+ like me make heads turn even after middleaged then maybe you will #govegan OR eat less meat but especially this, eat less sugar omg and less nonsense I eat food btw not bird seeds and dried kale all the time!! This you see here is very early in the morning later ill eat a plate full I swear even carbs try me!!

Hugs Kiss Kiss 💋💋

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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