Miss Fauxy’s gonna be a Mermaid for Project Mermaid on their World Tour!

🏖️CLEAN BEACHES!! Hallloooooo!!!! I am so happy to become a real Mermaid for Project Mermaid @projectmermaids !

So i hope in 2019 for a better, a new year full of real prosperity for Earth, Animal, and Human!

Ive also overcome so much and i’m sure you too but i know we cant compare our sufferings to those of children and people in war torn countries, people starving like in Yemen but also animals in our environment!

All i want is to have clean beaches like Boracay in the Philippines recently did you see what phillipinos did to clean up their beaches by getting their act together!

They first closed their beaches, eradicated all plastic and banned single use of plastic. They banned tourists for 7 months demolishing hotels cleaning and draining their sewers removing dirt, all types of plastic deposited by tourists from their entire beach and surroundings for good!!

We all can follow Boracay’s effort to become eco and animal friendly, sustainable and crueltyfree!! They achieved this together with the local population only and not 1 tourist was invited for months and are now re-opened but changed their terms and regulations only to save Mother Earth and our Animal Kingdom! Only 6000 tourists are now allowed per day!

Btw in not naked in this pic as its taken in Lokrum, Croatia! This is the beach where Game of Throne was filmed and its exactly the island where people were banished to recover from the Plague!!

Offcourse they were assisted by nuns and eventually became mentally ill in this island which is now world famous as Dubrovnik.

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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