I Miss my Roadtrips

I miss America, especially the road trips, chasing storms and hurricanes lol seriously i did!!

I went to 10 states by car!! Free like a bird and it was my first time!

My base was Houston, Texas and i really miss the city, the smiles, great weather, their sunshine and all races were extra nice to me they all chatted me up literally!

They said im tall and pretty like Pocahontas and said i could pass as a Latino but when i spoke english they said ooohhh your accent wow we love it!! You sound like a mix of European British and South African omg how die they guess? You know what im born in Rsa but 30 years now a real DUTCH! When i went to Pennsylvania what do you think, Trump goes there often, theres mostly GERMAN and Dutch immigrants lol but offcourse many these days are born there the older ones are mostly passed like Trumps grandad Friederich!

So Guys this immigrant issue was no where in sight the immigrants i saw where doing all the hard, heavy and dirty lol, no thats not funny lol no seriously also many mexicans i saw in public were dishwashers, busdrivers, waitresses, gardeners, pool cleaners, hotel workers, cleaners all with huge SUV’s lol good pay?

But Texas is full of other types of nationality nobody had issues with each other and normal business was down, Blacks, Whites, Latino’s, Italian, Asians, ohhh very few Indians ohhhhhh my word that was sad for me to observe!! There were even China towns and arabic markets, mosques and Jewish folk together plenty synagogues!

Police officers were also real mexican type of people men and women btw very astonishing!!

So beggars and drugaddicts even the opiod issue ive seen all races doing these painkillers and drugs anywhere and everywhere but not very openly like on the street nope! I was shocked as i saw many whites as well asking me for painkillers and Benadryl!! So its very strange this drug issue and what i see on Dutch TV here isnt what i saw there!! I thought i will see mostly white dominancy and very far right!!

So glad i saw harmony, laughter, fun and totally different the way Trump puts it!! And ohh did i say White beggars allover too?

Hugs kiss Kiss 💋💋

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