Is Paris Burning? It’s still the most Romantic City in the World!

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My memories of Paris is none without violence neither terror, or whatever you seeing on your television at this moment, i was lucky because all i saw was stunning views, fashion on the streets, adorned by lanterns and gold statues, artwork, unique people, stylish window dressings and more.

I also ate my first vegan and gluten free hamburger there. 

Paris is a very romantic city full of lights. I visited Paris in the summer of 2018 but also before 2000 as well. Those days we didn’t bother documenting everything as cellphones or mobile phones just came out.

When i visited last year it was still so beautiful and incredible experiences i certainly had. There were beautiful sceneries, art, decor, architecture, beautiful malls, cafés, and bars!! People of all kinds and colours, diversity at it’s best however you won’t think immediatley it’s like this as we all think of France and the French as being Parisian like only but there’s culture!!

The French have design, the baguette and ala carte menu like the Italians have historic ruins, great pasta and pizza but both countries have statue, authenticity and beauty!! The Pisa in Rome is like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, so offcourse it was busy and bustling but also very tourist like and so exciting.
I really enjoyed doing shoots for my ShopStyle & Amazon(here above) in this beautiful French city or just sitting in a park or terrace, just walking down the Champs Elysees just magnificent.

I must be honest to you not all people were friendly though, i encountered arrogant people mostly but maybe that’s the way they are very unhelpful too. Just don’t ask them where the metro is or the Louvre oh my gosh ahahah sometimes i felt so horrible, i said, “hey, cheer up, smile darling, are you ok”. Im sorry to say but i never had any encounters with non whites(im really not being a racist)This is the way some French people are!

Maybe they just like this in normal life! But my experiences besides this was awesome I got stared in a nice way but ach ja we get lot’s attention everywhere whilst walking down the Arc De Triomph ahaha!!

Everybody knows the yellow vests are busy disrupting the political system there on Saturdays but also the beautiful streets of Paris so don’t go there in the weekends. Only until President Macron makes normal people satisfied and live in peace and harmony without emptying their pockets there will be peace and better tourism. You can visit the city from Monday to Friday well i suggest this because its all cleaned up and no riot violence is visible. Hugs kiss kiss 

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