You gotta be a Vegan to date Miss Fauxy, i hope, otherwise i’ll cook you Vegetarian!


Miss Fauxy is single now so if you want to date me or other women in different countries, please click on this banner and make a profile. Thank you hugs kiss kiss xx

So all you Cruelty Free Vegan guys let’s start
dating my name on Parship is “Vegan Model”
so create your profile, look me up!

Parship is in many countries please check for your country flag.

You also can do the personality check test.


I love Parship because its very acurate with matching a person to their likes and dislikes. I like intelligent guys whom are active, successful and avid travellers like me. A guy doesn’t have to be mom’s most handsome. At the moment i’m dating preferably if you’re from a foreign country as i love to travel and maybe i will be in your city modelling hugs.

Date Miss Fauxy

Or link to me

Link all over to me if you want but i only date via Parship ok. Kom op mannen! hugs ❤️💋💋

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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