LGBTIQ! What is Intersex (me, straight female), Transgender, Transsexual, Transvestite, Gender Fluid, Gay & Lesbian!

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🏳️‍🌈❤🧡💛💚💚💜🖤HAPPY PRIDE!!

My country The Netherlands is so beautiful, we are also world wide leaders in all fields so their inhabitants lead an amazing life, they highly educated, fashionable, socially advanced, clean and neat, all students, staff and labourers have lots of rights to stand up and shout it out loud.

The Dutch take care of their surroundings are leaders in the world for aqua planning, infrastructure, archtecture, engineering, education, innovation, sustainablity, animal friendly(ooeps i take 10% of that back as recently we had many reports and videos of nasty and sadistic animal abuse +- 11 meat companies all over the Netherlands skinning animals alive and thats worrying too), but  today i’m covering gender and sexuality and this is a very important issue and must be adressed with priority too as our folk are somehow losing the love for all whom are different. Especially people of colour are reporting an increased number of abuse and discrimination.

So not everyone is tolerant and respectful these days to all whom are different and that’s troubling. In 2017/18 there are too many discrimination and violent attacks against members of the Lgbtiqa family(all races)!! There is a lot of space for improvement this is why im doing this post. 

I am a female but im born Intersex(straight): Be proud of who you are!! Some people can be horrible, some people don’t know differences at all that there are different kinda girls and guys or whatever and whoever they wanna be i can get so upset but im trying to contain myself, tranquilo, be calm be happy, be merry lol. I’ve been telling this for years people think i’m nuts or i’m a gay  person how stupid people can be when i say i’m born Intersex but i’m female( I had chromosomal issues at birth so i was actually supposed to be totally a woman and not both not a man either, but i lived all genders  in my life and yes im totally female. Men and women have both male and female sexual hormones btw that makes them behave dominant and/or submissive but nobodys 100% a man and 100% a woman even if one has xy and xx chromosomes.

In South Africa people were more ignorant than in The Netherlands, i’m so glad there’s social media even though people discriminate at least we can explain it better and we can be more visible. After all we all belong to this Universe. It’s so weird but all religious people think there is only man and woman but they seriously know that all human beings were actually first female or genderless then developed into a boy or girl, but if they didnt  develop properly then they were clearly Intersex males or females ( it’s their gender and the old word is hermaphrodites like me, but their are also pseudo and true). Trans folk are when its too late they already born the way they are but then the gender later isnt what they were supposed to really be so they have to adjust in life(some say born in the wrong body), they have to transition to become what they were supposed to be at birth but nature took another direction and created a gender gap which is nasty for all of them as they have to surgically enhance their  physical features, this is when they become Transsexual people, post op.

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So i don’t want to talk about me in detail anymore but that im lucky to be very feminine and naturally have looks like my Indian mom and white dad both also born in South Africa, read here below to know more about diffeent types of human beings be it gender or sexuality. I will not promote the Intersex flag as people are so confused let alone different genders and sexuality ohhhh lord help.

So all Lgbtiqa people generally fall under the Rainbow Flag depicted here below.

Pic by Miss Fauxy. Rainbow Crossing on a street in The Netherlands in 2015.

INTERSEX females and males also have Body & Brains !!

Just to clear up things im a heterosexual(straight Intersex female), just saying, once again!! Now what is Intersex exactly? First a quick definition of what many is the “normal” (M/F) people and other members under the Rainbow flag.

Heterosexual(M/F)– a man and woman who prefers to be with the opposite sex , sexually too.

Homosexual(M/M)– a man who prefers to be with another man, sexually.

Lesbian woman(F/F)– a female who prefers to be with another female even sexually.

Transgender– is and umbrella word and now now a term used globally to refer to a person whos different in gender or sexuality but differs a lot from gay men and women, many don’t even want to be classified! We must try to respect them they all human beings or do you think otherwise?

Non Binary Can be several things but is an the umbrella term for non fixed gender, yep they all exists. Many people don’want to be classified as a man or a woman but are actually inbetweens. But there are people who also prefer to be both genders thats also non binary.


Genderfluid– a man or woman who doesn have a fixed gender or sexuality, they also have many genders and are non binary too.

Asexual– a person who lacks sexual attraction.

Pansexual– a person who experiences sexuality without bothering about the gender of that person difering from a bisexual person totally.

Transsexual(M-F and F-M)– a man or woman  who knows for a fact that they do not belong to the gender they where born with and undergoes SRS(sex reassignment surgery, genital and/or physical surgery) to physically look and live as the opposite gender they were supposed to be at birth. Like many still think, they are not mentally ill, it’s not a sickness either and called and treated in The Netherlands for eg where i live as Gender Dysphoria.

ME AS INTERSEX BORN FEMALE(straight): Be proud of who you are!! I’ve been telling this for years people think i’m nuts or i’m a gay person how stupid people can be when i say i’m born Intersex but i’m female( I had chromosomal issues at birth so i was actually supposed to be totally a woman and not both not a man either, but i lived all genders in my life and yes im totally female. Men and women have both male and female sexual hormones btw that makes them behave dominant and/or submissive but nobodys 100% a man and 100% a woman even if one has xy and xx chromosomes.

So getting back to Intersex, is when a person had no clear gender by birth be it chromosomal, their visible genitals, their brains, their physical appearance or all of the above!! Doctors cant say at birth whether its a girl or boy!! Some look boy, girl or both genders, some you just cant tell others will look distinctly very masculine(Caster Semanje) or very feminine like moi)! So there are similarities to a Trans man or woman and me, Intersex female as there are different variants of both, they can be hetersosexual, bisexual, gender fluids, asexual etc.

So some Babies are changed at birth which is bad for later but im lucky in my case i decided what i am but im naturally beautiful female i only had a genital correction and added a bit saline to my breasts to enhance my femininity thats it(see my Instagram pics and my Facebook)! Just like Trans people some Intersex will have multiple surgeries to look the proper sex(gender), but in my case i chose to be very natural and changed my discipline and habits for eg becoming a Vegan, after becoming a pescetarian and vegetarian btw and eating healthier, going to the gym, cycling, spinning, doing squats to get more booty for eg ahahah im still skinny and have a small booty though but im happy!

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These days “normal” females and males actually have more surgery than Trans folk, Intersex people arent bothered to look and acknowledge their physical characteristics!! If i wanted i would look altered, but i want to be “real” in every way i possibly can. But i dont want to look “plastic” i’m from flesh and blood just like you, all i did was have a genital correction and im happier than ever i’feel just one gender and that’s totally female even before the correction as i tried to live differently so i wouldnt ever regret anything and i proved to myself before 32 yrs of age that im a normal female, my brains, my body,my hair, my skin, my silouette, my torso, i dont have huge hips and a huge bum im just me tiny as can be and i will never ever change that i wont even have any fillers or injections getting older im actually scared like hell so nope not cutting into me or enhancing unnaturally! I encourage and influence you to #govegan eat healthy, no dairy and no meat to become younger looking and fit rather than all those injections and “nonsense”!! You know me from 2007 YouTube or my Facebook .

Can i get a smile please!!

So guys when somethings broken or damaged what do you do, yes, one must fix it or try to repair if its totally malfunctioning so you gotta replace as well!! But at times maybe its just the batteries right soooooo?? Get my point, not all of us need surgeries or enhance our looks either to be someone we not totally born like, so i hope you realize woman like me and other genders and sexuality are still all human, they can be your kids, siblings, colleagues, neighbours aunts and uncles even your mom and dad, so try to respect them, well i hope you will try!!

My physical characteristcs is luckily Indian + white mix and i’m lucky to be naturally pretty but getting older can get nasty so i chose to eat healthy, im a cruelty free vegan and i do fitness everyday!! Not everybody whom are different needs surgery for eg, my habits and discipline makes me a better person so i share and inspire you all( aaand im 50+ people think im a young girl👍🏽).  Many people think when a female is different then she automatically isnt real or she has lots of plastic whatever hey  i dont like that and i work hard for my body and mind mostly clean eating and green lifestyle.

Offcourse i have a long way to go but i think i’m doing well as i feel i’m the new generation middle aged woman so my gender has nothing to do with me being a Vegan for eg, i live healthy, i might start dating Vegan men and who knows i hope to fall in love again. The fact that i’m single now means that i have chosen wrong partners before, very aggressive and unstable minds. I’m not perfect but seriously know what i want in life and i do not have any obssessions.

Being Intersex is also a gift i think as i look very young! Its a wonder as well whilst getting older i noticed but im sure you know my rituals from Instagram and Facebook!! My gender has nothing to do with sexuality people can be nasty they call you names thinking bad things like when they abuse transpeople or members of Lgbtiq family!! They also human beings right? Are we all perfect? I am a straight female btw but offcourse im different and a survivor of many issues!! Also medical!! Im strong!!

You know i always thought im a beautiful human being but i also knew i was very different!! I actually lived all Genders in my 50 years in order to realize before my 30th what im actually meant to be! sounds weird but thats the truth! No regrets darlings!!

So an Intersex person can also relate to being male, female, gender neutral, gender fluid whatever they wanna be but in my case i am a female and just like anybody else a human being. Their sex life is also like “normal” people meaning they can be straight, bi, gay, lesbian, pansexual or asexual, i think thats “normal”!! Do you get me? Most of think theres just the usual man and woman as well but also that everybody should be heterosexual/straight!

These days very influential world leaders are creating so much hate and division towards race especially blacks and moslim folk, gender and sexuality ever than before its spreading now even to “Democratic” Europe!! So most Members of the LGBTIQ family have also been through hardship, even me, violence, gender discrimination, racial discrimination however if i dont tell and dont behave different i wont get into trouble!! But my intention isnt to be here on Earth to be locked up and forgotten and to shut up, disappear, nooooo i think i have a voice, i shout It out loud, im also flesh and blood like anyone else so? In the Netherlands im trying to convince our government every municipality must have a backbone for people whom are different literally not say ohhh well in Amsterdam they deal with people like you so its better you go there!! What? So everyone must gather in one place and deal with their issues there!!

This here below is VERY ALARMING IN THE NETHERLANDS!! Pls read!!

But I have just one thing to say!! Lol, well actually a lot!! We always had a good name the Dutch were always tolerant and loving to all, no matter what race, religion, gender, sexuality or whether you beautiful and queer as this rainbow crosssing!! These days a wave of HATE somehow managed to get into our country more visibly, we all know whos responsible as its not only race and your skin colour but also what you are in your sexuality and gender that matters and intolerance is rising just like populisme in Europe!! Recently pics of 2 men kissing in an advert was destroyed in the entire country when it was put up in busshelters, they even shattered the glass so angry so violently! A place like Amsterdam also is reporting more violence towards Lgbtiq folk now more to Transgender beings!!

Our leaders are setting examples but is it going to cause more harm instead of LOVE, PEACE & RESPECT, sad to say yes its happening but also like racism is increasing this isnt a joke right??

So we have to join hands and walk together to a better and brighter future!! Jk.

Even though im a Vegan I learned more Travel and culture from Anthony Bourdain(Rip) when i was a meatlover i always watched now im a Vegan but i still watch and yesterday a documentary about him, he actually stood up for all he even mentioned Lgbtiq Folk in episodes, so people who you wont expect stood up also for the rainbow family!! Offcourse he showed us things we Vegans hate to see but if i didnt watch how on Earth would i know what goes on with animals and food in other countries, cafés, restaurants just to feed themselves, not everybody is a vegan or vegetarian!!

I also wondered why Mandela called South Africa the Rainbow Nation, he included everybody, he loved everybody and he was happy to see you happy!! Even though im a straight female i have to fit into society as well cause im an Intersex female but like i saud before i had horrible times in my life if people found out all of s sudden the table is turned, doors get closed, We are all human!! I stand up for Mother Earth, our Animal Kingdom and all human beings too, all genders races, religion, sexualities, Lgbtiq folk, also the following if and when i can i will, help the poor, raise funds too, coach and assist sexually abused people or the innocently jailed, medically unfit but also our pensioners!! Hugs Kiss Kiss!! Love ya!!


Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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