Social Dillema how Horrible! Ik zei eerder Internet can make you or break you(2007-2015).

Hello Social Media! Our lives are becoming like bots so be careful!

Het leven kan wreed zijn pas op je bent geen pop noch een bot! 

#artificialintelligence is to me a Social Dillema! Enjoy life or better your life if it’s not ok like mins but you be the leader NOT A FOLLOWER!

I just want to tell you at almost 53 yrs old I think I look fabulous! I’m not an attention seeker (geen aandachtshoer) neither am I a practising reverse racism all I want is justice and recognition and we must move further for you too! But yes I have been abused in the past you know where I have been that’s not hot! ! I’m avoiding some of our TOXIC channels! I actually am seeking social media now to let you know I’m fine it’s a one woman’s show and no I also don’t wear hundreds of filters!

My life is raw & uncut but I have been experiencing what you are now already from 2000/2005. Certain issues are worse especially my medical side now it’s the social too so I am going to control it myself! Follow me!

So yes I avoid this social dillema until I know it’s safe for my mind which I will programme and not a bot! Watch this programme on Netflix! I know this is how I was minus any fortune neither fame! I suggest you do this too of if want to survive!

None of you are ok neither safe so don’t even get to me because I’m older than you at least I did have a life without the filters and narscist human beings who destroy your life to gain for themselves so be strong stick your head out!

I have been there and done that I don’t want you to be exposed to the #mentalbreakdowns and #manipulations  #moderndaymadness especially when one is a bit different from the rest!! But kudo’s to myself for waking up on time realize we all human beings be strong and alert always looking to improve!

Think twice but keep smiling and be sexy! Hugs kiss kiss  JK

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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