Post from 30-09-2019. Updated on 12-12-2020.

Miss Fauxy loves this i’m sure you know that by now! I got Cannabis oil te test as a vegan only prescription in The Netherlands from my hospital Diakonessenhuis Just once but I have to test it more as this was very strong for me! As a pragmatic vegan I did use prescription for Avascular Necrosis and Spondylosis operation which wasn’t totally vegan neither cruelty free! Sometimes I never had a choice as my local hospital Ter Gooi or Umc in Utrecht and (VU) Umc in Amsterdam doesn’t have homeopathic treatments just regular care! I’m busy changing this as an option with Menzis my health care! However as the years go by I’ve become more aware of #Ayurveda so I must indulge more in my past concerning natural remedies!! My family is Hindu you know!

Please note I am not a drug addict nor do I drink neither smoke! I tried alternative methods and I still am! I even try products for you which isn’t #vegan but #vegetarian! I will never eat fish again as we draining our seas not only from #fish but also poluting it badly feeding #plastic to it! My life experiences is to ensure you will benefit in the long run especially chronically ill people like me! So being a pescetarian is totally out! Once in a while in 2020 I’ll still test vegetarian products eg now I’m testing A.Vogel.



Bevat 5% CBD OlieZonder bijwerkingen en niet verslavendJacob Hooy CBD Olie 5% bevat ca. 500mg CBD per 10ml (cannabidiol) uit vezelhennep. CBD olie bevat hennepzaadolie en henneppasta.

Holland & Barrett

CBD Olie van Jacob Hooy bevat geen THC. Het is volkomen legaal en veilig te gebruiken, en je wordt er niet stoned of high van.

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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