You all gonna stick by me it’s as if i rose from the dead but it’s about my shoes

vegan schoenen

I just love everything vegan and cruelty free its so passe to murder animals for their skin. I still know that animals were here before us!

Please you all go buy #veganshoes if we didn’t start eating plantbased yet or a just a little bit well start with your shoes, clothing, hair, beauty, fashion and travel products that are cruelty free meaning animals were not skinned for them. I must try to influence you all as much as possible and i mean everyone as i’m a pragmatic vegan.

This is from Zappos and is for men & women

So i will let others do their activism job at the moment i’m not cut out to physically get into action and whilst Corona takes over our lives even with a vaccin i must say we still in a chaotic mode and losing loved ones it’s hard enough to focus. Need some distraction here.

Baylor Bootie from the Journee Collection

We all should be in quarantine to stop spreading so from my laptop, tablet and cell phone here i am fighting back my medical demons without surgery and trying to be your vegan model. So how do i look how am i doing do you like my posts? Not bad i think having 2 years absence.

And finally guys TOMS vegan ones ust for you guys and whoever wants to wear them. I love it. In the future i will be doing men’s and kid’s shoes but offcourse just unisex sneakers etc so please come back and visit my site i only earn commission from marketing companies and not from you however Miss Fauxy suggests all of these just for you.

So check out some of my shoes. I have plenty active wear as you know i dont have hyper sensitivity disorder i just love the outdoors. Hugs kiss kiss Jk

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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