” Go Creepy go Cruelty Free” & Gluten Free at The Make Up Spot

Jazeker ze hebben ook vegan, cruelty free en gluten free make-up wist je dat niet nou check it out


Go creepy go cruelty free Jk

Laten wij met zijn alle onze klimaat en deze mooie wereld veranderen door diervriendelijk en vegan make-up niet als een hype te gebruiken maar als een vaste ritueel bijhouden! Ik heb ook Jeffree Star #jeffreestar in mijn Makeup-Spot en hij is V+CF+GF = Free from all.


“Jeffree Star Cosmetics Pink Religion Palette”

Is pink your religion? De Pink Religion collectie van Jeffree Star Cosmetics staat geheel in het teken van de kleur roze. Dit Pink Religion Palette bevat dan ook 18 intens gepigmenteerde oogschaduws met een roze ondertoon. De oogschaduws komen in een prachtig nepleren boek verpakking. Het palette vormt een heuze statement in jouw make-up collectie! Zoals altijd zijn de oogschaduws van Jeffree Star Cosmetics intens gepigmenteerd, super creamy en fijn met elkaar te blenden. Dit palette biedt een variatie aan mattes en glanzende metallics. Je kunt er alle kanten mee op!

In dit palette vind je de volgende kleuren: 

Princess Crown
Saint Star

Frosting Cult

Pink Religion

Strawberry Youth

Sugar Savor

Prom Night


Lollipop Luxury

Jeffree’s World

Candy Cathedral

Pink Fever

Beauty Killer

Holy Fire

Fashion Faith

Handbag Queen

Dollhouse Ln.

Vatican Vanity

Vegan en cruelty-free. Vrij van parabenen en gluten

Dus heb jij Coeliakie net als ik, dit is zeker veilig.

Are you a Celiac/Coeliac well Jeffree Star is #glutenfree too. I will be honest when i applied gluten riddled lipstick before or any make-up which was animal derived and loaded with gluten my features became swollen. If i have unwillingly have gluten contamination i will get into medical trouble and be hospitilized so i’m very conscious and my food and beauty products is like a religion, yeah she has to abide. People hardly believe i get instant lips or an instant butt due to gluten intolerancy. If you look at my social media photo’s well they don’t lie. Even my cheeks swell.

AFTER PHOTO: Yes even my waist gets bigger at times i like the look it makes me fuller but i actually suffer!

I’m so happy with The Make Up Spot Netherlands as there are many Free From All make-up including gluten free ones and Jeffree Star is one of those awesome guru’s. Offcourse you gotta always check the ingredient list 100% it’s a must. Actually gluten doesn’t make me fat but swollen it’s the first phase of contamination. If you eat a lot of gluten then you will become obese and uneasy in your intestines and like everything else you have to control it. This is for me still a dermotoligic issue as it’s applied on my skin that’s why i must be so careful so wont apply or eat gluten anymore due to swelling, itchiness, blisters etc. As for veganism offcourse i’m doing this for the animals and our climate but certainly i have medical benefits too. Yes i swell totally even my tummy so it’s not nice at all especially when we all want to be so selfie ready and sell our images on Instagram or Facebook. Also becoming sexually active with your partner is nasty whilst having intoleranties and discomfort.

I only sell you products concerning my different niches and my intoleranties and allergies. So gluten doesn’t affect normal people unless you have bad auto immune disorders like mine Coeliac disease and Morbhus Durhing. Once again even my make-up ritual turns sour if i don’t chose the right ones.

So i cannot consume gluten neither wheat in anything. Anyway check out THE MAKE UP SPOT.

This photo has a normal appearance with only vegan and glutenfree make-up and food offcourse.

En Halloween 2021 go creepy go cruelty free!

Ga je dit jaar (weer) lekker uitpakken met Halloween en heb je nog wat producten nodig? We got you!
Get creative, get creepy!




Love you 💓

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