ENG here below.

Hallo Allemaal / Hello you all!

DUTCH: Ik ben Jennifer Kisten, 53 jaar oud, geboren in Zuid-Afrika en nu 30 jaar al een Nederlandse burger. Ik wil graag vooral met mijn medisch traumas jullie verder in het leven helpen! Ik ben een tikkeltje, een andere type vrouw maar dat weerhoud mij niet om jullie te beïnvloeden en hier als een model te zijn!

Ik ben een vegan en hebt zeer ernstig zeldzame ziektes! Ik wil dat nu voorgoed achter mij laten en proberen mijn ellende te gebruiken om jullie vooruit in het leven te helpen doorzetten, sterk te zijn en jezelf blijven! Ik werk op commissie basis! Wanneer jullie op een reclame, vergelijker, een product of post links zou klikken dan betaalt een Marketing bedrijf mij een kleine commissie. Als ik jullie kan beïnvloeden een verkoop te maken verdien ik dus een percentage!

Ik gebruik of uitprobeer alle diervriendelijk, glutenvrij voeding en levensstijl eerst mezelf soms maandenlang geprobeerd hebt daarna raad het aan jullie en niet zomaar! Als jullie op een reclame klikken voor bv een boeking of trein reisje of kaarten verkoop krijg ik dus commissie Zo ook een body lotion, vitaminen of een vegan box een trui schoen, een jurk of een pantalon(broek). Zo zal ik proberen te verdienen ook in corona tijden! ! Soms werf Ik ook fondsen bv voor dieren en arme landen en ik ben overal een vrijwilligster voor dus kijk niet raar als jullie mij zien bedelen met een donatie knop het gaat direct naar de goede doelen!!

Ik doe mijn best voor onze aarde, dierenrijk en natuur! Knuffels en Kusjes 💋💋

ENGLISH: Miss Fauxy is Jennifer Kisten. I am 52 years old I’m born in South Africa and live in The Netherlands past 30 years. I’m still editing this website due to the serious issues I experienced however I think you will give me a chance and be patient! I want to use my traumas especially medical to influence you and be a model for you here! I am a vegan and Coeliac Coeliakie / Celiac, I suffered greatly. I am also a bit different kinda female but that doesn’t stop me from being me and influencing you! Have a look, come back and you can enjoy my site! I worked on it myself! Please come back and try to support me, I get commission from the companies that I affiliate with! If and when you book a trip, train trip or holiday, vegan and celiac stuff or buy anything or click on ads I get a commission! The company pays me for influencing you! I only influence you stuff I agree about or tried and experienced! Sometimes I try to raise funds for animals etc! You will always also see charity for eg the Lung Funds or Free A Girl! I am an ambassador and a volunteer too! I am trying to do my best for our animal kingdom, nature and other unfortunate human beings! So don’t think bad of me when I’m begging for charities I never collect any money directly when you click on a link it goes straight to the funds, the company that’s creating awareness and helping not to me!

I’m still editing my website myself please be patient!

Hellloooo! ENGLISH: My name is Jennifer Kisten (Miss Fauxy & Fauxy Vegan) from The Netherlands, Europe. I was born in Durban, South Africa but live in The Netherlands the last 30 years and i have just one citizenship. I became Dutch by Naturalization in 1994 but my real Dad has Dutch forefathers and mom has ancestors from India. I hope to properly influence you from 2021 as I had many trauma’s! #gadoorvechtervoor #moveforwardkeepfighting MY DRIVE IN LIFE IS WORTH IT! Let me ask you to Join Jen’s journey full of cruelty free beauty, fashion, fitness, travel, lifestyle fun and drama too. Follow me please and read further this is very important! I’m living totally free from all for 10 years now, faux(y) and healthier! So just a warning to everyone before you go further I am not a doctor neither a diëtist I use my personal experiences to influence you as I physically and medically experienced many changes. However please inform your family, friends and physician of your changes if you decide to become a Vegan and Gluten Free like me. I must due to medical reasons there’s no options otherwise I can become very ill! You won’t because you might not be intolerant for gluten neither have allergies like me! Get advice from your physician first because it’s proven one might become short of nutrients I did years over this! I tried this and that first to praise you stuff and recommend it be it food or medication! Please read further! I started becoming more conscious and it had nothing to do with unhealthy habits and my discipline it was a heridatory disorder in my small intestines I just couldn’t bother about the rest I had to survive this and move on! After you read this I hope you can try to follow my footsteps because I will leave you a legacy! DIAGNOSIS, RARE AUTO IMMUNE DISORDERS: My site was also created due to me having 2 rare auto immune diseases sinds 2009, Coeliac/Celiac & Morbhus Durhing, ziekte Van Durhing). In Dutch we call it Coeliakie. My life was changed asap after a biopsy at the VUMC in Amsterdam, two years I suffered, the staff couldn’t find out until 2009, the Dermatologist and Stomach, Intestines and liver doctor (Dutch the MDL dochter / arts) did but I didn’t know what it was I kept eating the wrong food!! I suffered my entire body was covered in rash and blisters! I scratched my beautiful body until it bled! One day I thought oh my God somebody help me! I almost pulled out my long beautiful Indian hair out of my skull! It was so bad MY DIET AND MY MEDICATION: Now, from 2009 I must eat gluten free and wheat free and free from “all nonsense” I say, which is GF food for life long(dangerous). i also take medication lifelong! It’s called Dapson 200mg per day, a lepracy tablet also very rare you won’t easily hear of it! It saved my life even now! Living with rare auto immune diseases and chronical illnesses isn’t easy but i still try to move on. Asthma Bronchitis with allergies is one of them. I just puff away and look normal to you. So try to gain strength from me and create your happiness.

NOBODY’S PERFECT SO BE PATIENT WITH ME GIVE ME A CHANCE: I am still editing my site trying to create more for people to lead a green and non toxic but vegan lifestyle! You don’t have to if you’re not chronically ill but it will help our animal kingdom and earth too! Or try to eat less meat! I noticed it helps me to cope with my chronical disorders. I do not smoke so please don’t this is the first step! If you do try to smoke less, that’s all I can say. You know once in a while i wil do everything “God” prohibits Lol!! As to speak! You should too, enjoy horrible, naughty and unhealthy stuff once in a while! But im in December 2020 totally drug free(medication buy never took hard drugd) i dont drink neither smoke. Isnt that great. Just plantbased.

BLIND IN ONE EYE: I am also blind in my right eye sinds 3 years old. Update: 5 November 2019. Recently i turned 52 yrs old i still have many beauty secrets, habits and discipline so i want to share and inspire you to also become ecofriendly, healthier, recycle and upcycle too. SOUTH AFRICA: Imagine being in a country recovering from “Apartheid in the past? So the most impacting medical drama in my life was having a bacterial brain tumor in 2010 in South Africa, staying 5 years instead of 2, after moving from the Netherlands in 2009 and finding out I have Coeliac / Celiac Disease and Morbhus Durhing. That was so devasting enough months later a bacterial tumor at FIFA World Cup 2010 in Durban. It turned my life totally upside down, just imagine the whole world is watching world soccer and I’m in a hospital in Addington Beach 5 minutes looking out of a window where the soccer stadium is Moses Mabida and the Durban beach front recovering and trying to moving forward. It haunted me! All those people having fun, thousands of tourists! Well, look at me now? I survived but I still have trouble with stability, I have a scar in front of brain for eg but every disorder in my body one doesn’t see, im thankful for that and i worked hard to make a come back to look beautiful with ups and downs to inspire you. Back in 2010 I walked like an invalid person half cripple lol! No no high heels lol! I wish! So try to become healthier, fit and sexy at fifty plus and looking fabulous(see pics and ads and my collaborations). Unlike when i was a child having a right blind eye which was crooked and kids bullied me badly that “cocked” eye was corrected in The Netherlands in the early 90’s! Thank God, if that didn’t happen i would have “hated” myself! I changed my crooked eye (Strabismus) operation 3 x in The Netherlands). I thank Ter Gooi Hilversum, the hospital for that! I now know appearance is very important in life as we all can become obsessed with out flaws so if it’s broken try to fix it don’t just sit there and do nothing and become stressed out these days nobody has to live unhappy! Try and persevere! “ i came, I saw and I really conquered” MY GENDER: To make things worse i’m a different kinda female. Here we go again, the eyes done but….. I look female naturally but have a little bit masculinity in me too! If you didn’t know this we all do male and female hormones but I’m talking about the chromosomal indifference! I did have a genital correction to fix this issue and im too happy to be me the way i was supposed to be born a lady. So i didn’t have a total change i have am half Indian, half White. I have also bad racism here too I think also in not “white” enough neither “black enough! But sometimes in The Netherlands I look like a “gypsy” summer time! Then they said too me your a “zigeuner” they only associate this ethnicity as thieves so they follow me or deprive me publicly! Also if I don’t straighten my hair like “them, im a “Moroccon” so life is at times nasty but I always talk back so they abuse me! So if my hair is brown and my skin isn’t tanned or bronzen btw I love that a caramel colour so I will never have “trouble” you see! But there’s many issues you do not belong anywhere and nobody fights for you! I have to deal with it myself! Well this is life! PLANTBASED VEGAN: I’m lucky I have a natural female appearance but I used fitness and plantbased lifestyle to get a killerbody and revenge my haters! Lol! I only altered what i felt would make me a total female so i’m happy to be a “different kinda” female lead my life like anybody without obstacles, pave the way as a model and influencer and I couldn’t be more beautiful inside and out! I lead a very organic and nature life this made me want to influence people all over the world and share! Don’t forget I’m half Indian using the “ayurveda BULLIES: So before this correction i had bullies too, kids and adults can be cruel at times even in The Netherlands but if you’re Black person or another ethnicity things are getting worse, it’s spreading like wild fire. Why? Is it necessary? No!! “we all human we all came from a womb not a Cocoon”. Jk mf! SHAMED: If I don’t do this who’s doing it later I’ll get older and leave this world now is the right to make a stamp and place it. Whether one likes it or don’t I have been leading my life 52 years now mostly incognito earlier in Durban and Johannesburg, South Africa, incognito! But why! Well models were shamed! Tula from James Bond movie for example or Brazilian model for Vogue and Oh you’re an imposter! You’re fake lol! If they only knew so what but i’m glad I made companies sign “privacy” documents otherwise they get sued I didnt want and need the publicity here I am in the open now! This is my WordPress I’m in Charge! So in my case only if they did find out or if i had to say i am a lilttle different, they do not understand their are other ethnicity many differences in this world also with all genders, some prefer gender neutral (gender neutraal in The Netherlands). It has nothing to do with sexuality(i’m heterosexual btw but still a Lgbt+ member yep). We all actually unique so all in all im a good ambassador to Inspire anybody in difficult times. Rise and shine!! That’s it. I know some may find this hard to believe me as i look so beautiful and normal, my life seems too good but even here there’s abuse and racism been there done it but here I am without the world knowing I had to let you know now. Let’s SMILE, SHARE & INSPIRE! Kiss Kiss, Miss Fauxy(Jiera Kisten, i had to change my name because of death threats in The Netherlands) but i’m a stron woman and i don’t tolerate nonsense. There are many issues for people wanting me dead. 1. Veganism, 2. Gender(heterosexual female but a little bit different), 3. Because of having contact with prominent people i unintentionally caused “trouble”, 4. My race is a an interracial person and in The Netherlands we have Black Face(Zwarte Piet). Apparently i said bad things by protecting my Brown skin and for Black skins, yeah whatever. 5. I blamed medical staff and politicians but also normal people of racism and ethnic profiling. I just want to live next to you without you #discriminating me so im actually “wrong” well again i will say whatever. So you all know #iamfearless, i’m 53 on 20-11-2020 and this is the day for remembering our dead #TDOR so this is also a way to shut me up. I’m a beautiful woman but also passable so people want me to be quiet but i wont i will protect all of you as your mom would. One day i’m dead and gone and you will have a better life than me. In the meantime i will try to influence you as “normal” as i can. Ok I always say:”My suffering is your future”. In Dutch that is #Mijnleedisjoutoekomst #mysufferingisyourfuture. I’m sure you know what i mean by that. #NeverGiveUp Keep Smiling, Keep Shining! Link to me https://www.shopstyle.co.uk/shop/JenniferKisten https://www.amazon.co.uk/shop/joinjensjourney https://linktr.ee/missfauxy U am a verified Fohr Influencer https://www.fohr.co/missfauxy And Amazon to http://www.amazon.co.uk/shop/joinjensjourney My YouTube video was in 2007 viewed more than a million times https://www.youtube.com/jenniferkisten

Hugs kiss kiss! 💋💋

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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