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Helloooooo / Hallloooooo!!

Im so sorry im not done yet please come back to this section again. You all know i’ve been sharing and inspiring, travelling, testing vegan, cruelty free and healthy products to share with you from my Instagram and Facebook. i have to thank my hard work in fitness and healthy food to keep me sexy, tight and young looking as a Vegan Model at 50+ but also my habits and discipline that i didnt end up dead and be forgetten but rise and shine.

Please visit me again Hugs and kisses Jen ( Miss Fauxy). Thank you / Dankje


The Get Kit Fit from Global Healing Center will help get you started on your weight loss journey. The kit includes Oxy-Powder®, Slimirex®, and much more.

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Men’s Vegan Sneakers

Mens Sneakers

Women’s Vegan Sneakers

Ladies Snea

Ladies Vegan Fitness Wear

Gym & Fitness Gear

Fitness and gym gear

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Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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