Ayurveda (Homeopathic Health)

Still building site pls be patient! So sorry! But hey darlings im getting there! 💋💋

Pics by Miss Fauxy!

Miss Fauxy is a Gluten Free Vegan ( a true VGN in 2017) and a Celiac, another word people use is Coeliac, as in Coeliac Disease, in Dutch they call it Coeliakie.

I must eat Wheat Free & Gluten Free as i’m medically proven to be intolerant, i had several tests also a colonscopy and biopsy as i suffered for 2 years without a diagnosis and i was totall covered with nasty blisters in every opening, soares, rash and had a big tummy i was just ugly and i felt horrible i didn’t want to have sex or go out with my then boyfriend of 7 years i was a total wreck. But I stopped eating tasty gluten and wheat, this was no hype for me sorry this isnt a joke it’s very dangerous and nasty to me as my small intestines become damaged after being attacked by gluten then im hospitilized.

I used to love pies but now they made of Vegan and GF dough, not the same though. Gluten is for eg wheat starch, it’s dangerous for me not you if youre not a celiac(coeliac), in the Netherlands there’s only 1000 from 17 000 000 people, yes it’s a rare auto immune disease which is heridatory. I must also take 100 to 300 mg Dapson per day(also a rare lepracy tablet) because i’m a severe case, but no!

So for medical reasons you cannot stop totally if you not intolerant however certain GF food you can eat daily like gluten free bread people think eating GF food makes you slimmer, thats not true as i have to fitness and be active too so i can look the way i do and influence you but als cycle a lot, I have hometrainers and I do yoga. If i was a couch potato and ate gluten free i would still get fat without being fit! Anyway for you It’s dangerous to have a glutenfree diet only so without doctor’s consultation you must never ever start it just let people know as you can become very weak and miss important nutrients, fibers and you wont get enough fuel for your body to function properly.

So be careful but offcourse for sick people gluten free eating is healthier! Gluten Isnt unhealthy, its also tastier but people tend to eat too much of it as it tastes better than gluten Free food, for eg processed food and drinks, Fast food, even most Chinese, pizza, chicken wings, hot dogs, hamburgers(the bun and sauce containing wheat), Kfc(the batter), Fish and chips(the batter).

Btw i used to love naan or Roti (Indian flat Bread), such a pity as gluten free food hasnt been mastered yet to taste like your food. Im working with a big brand now to create ready made gluten roti etc. Coming in the near future.

I will post more soon this site isnt totally ready im so sorry! Please forgive me. Kiss Kiss 💋💋

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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