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Yes Miss Fauxy is 50
Looking great without makeup at 50 in Natural Light after a swim in Lokrum, Croatia in 2017


Hope you all well! When i’m on holiday I never worry about make-up as I look naturally Beautiful and young as what i eat and drink i also rub on my killer body!! So for months now ive been testing cruelty free, gluten free non toxic cremes, lotions, hair products and Vegan makeup so i’ve come up with quite a few, offcourse im not using all but i know the (natural) ingredients better now, however some are pricy.  So i collected similar ones from  My Shopstyle my affiliate company so you all can try it out.

So watch out for huge sales and discounts if you cannot afford the normal price and when you sign up for company newsletters you get 10% to 15% off your purchase immediatley. My products will show you Sale prices too.

In this post i share some of my skin products and most have The Indian spice called  TURMERIC, remember this name and in Dutch, KURKUMA and also KOENJIT, it’s a plant from Asia mostly India, actually it’s from The ginger family its ground to become spice and is that yellow colour in your food and curries. It’s been used for thousands of years in food but also for health benefits. 

I also at times use this Cleanser here below you must read the online testimony of customers this is so good too but yes you know i use only Vegan( however a few might have bee wax, which i don’t use now, but they all Cruelty Free and most are 98 % gluten free you know products can get contaminated with Gluten but 100 % is what i strive for as im a Celiac. If I get a Gluten contamination, If, then it last 2 days severe case lasts a week or two, but these days it’s quickly resolved as I have rare medication called Dapsone(lepracy tablet 200mg per day). I’ll spare you the nasty pics. So if i don’t take it I will get a huge swollen tummy, become itchy with rash that turns  into blisters, and in my sleep becomes very bloody so even what i rub on my body has no Gluten. However you might be just a Vegan, not a Gluten free Vegan. It can be dangerous if you both but i can handle this medically now.

This here also has Turmeric lunga The root extract bit it really does wonders. So glad they recognized it with The Allure Beauty award!

I am so proud to have a great natural life due to me fighting and suffering rare diseases and chronical illnesses, i’ll do posts where i explain how, when and why but for now i’m Influencing you and selling what ingredients and products I use offcourse not all but same ingredients and btw they all 100% organic and this is the main reason why i changed my life drastically otherwise i wouldnt have survived. Plantbased baby!! So listen, if you thought it’s only Magic cremes you gotta be kidding it’s also your healthy lifestyle and food is important to maintain great skin and hair.

Aaaaand, you all know i cook organic and fresh so that’s a plus point already for great results.

You’ve seen my Insta right so you have been following me there too then you know i eat natural food only. Also no prepacked and no deep fried food oh please stop it now ahahah!! I  Always grill or use non stick pans and cook with extra verge olive oil!! Well it helps if you’re a Vegan like me too so being plantbased is actually better than any cream but i am getting older, i don’t eat a hellava lot anymore sometimes i buy these here below but i use it thinly so it lasts longer, others go through an entire pot in  week are they gone cuckoo, what about you? No darling you need a very small amount on you face for eg but for body lotions on Legs an arms I use them properly.

I feel so much better and organically rejuvenated, that i can share my products with you or similar from the same companies who sell Vegan & Cruelty Free skincare products. So check it out please and who knows maybe i will see your feedbacks here soon, no wait, please, you must give me feedback. Keep smiling!! Kiss Kiss.

These products are Vegan, Gluten Free and Free from all Nonsense, Protein shakes, fat burners and Detox drinks. Ive tested in 2 years time  many with and without Turmeric, I use them for fitness too but also to DETOX offcourse not all but I know Ingredients and SHARE with you. 


This is for My USA Fans from Amazon Usa offcourse but most products are delivered all over The world even The Netherlands.

[amazon_link asins=’B015JVJDIE,B075MN18X1,B01DPW5CXY,B0164UFZEU,B01MUCNWA2,B0091JQ60O,B0787MH68X,B01DPW5DD8′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’missfauxy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ab4b8aae-1a84-11e8-b0f2-a7537733b754′]

Uk Amazon
[amazon_link asins=’B00ERETM40,B074DSZ59X,B00DRE0C6S,B01A92SYJC,B01D8QCI2U,B075W1VD5T,B01BPZGF1G,B01HK2OHFE,B00IFZEBSE’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’missfauxy-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’4af235ce-1a85-11e8-91ab-6b7c61c47fd4′]

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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