Are you Summer Ready?

English here below


SMILE i’m summer ready what about you darlings? Whoop whoop!! Ladies/Men do you want less rimples, younger looking, smoother and tighter skin, beautiful longer and naturally grown hair like mine well then this anti aging issue is solved just Go Vegan #govegan and become #plantbased ahahahah soooooo Fauxing simple!! So don’t hate me cos Im a Vegan, oooeps im cruelty Free too!!!

So let’s get back to my lovely looks at 50+ years of age. Heyyyy my hair is really reaching my a** just like my mom’s, my muscles are bigger but still toned so i dont look like a body builder lol, being an Intersex female isn’t easy at times cos you dont wanna look like a guy lol(Intersex is being born with both characteristics be it physically or sexually im not disclosing more about my birth now it’s not important okee thanks)!

Check out my InstaShop for cruelty Free and vegan summer wear too!! Keep smiling b*****!! Did you know both men and women want to look great, slim, sexy and attractive? I think it’s mostly to flaunt it whillst on holiday and feel good but also to attract others sexually if we single that’s what i always thought before anyway. But i know now we also wanna look great physically, boosts our ego and our partners, we wanna keep them we change our bodies so mentally we already alert like 2 months before .

But for most people these days first reason which is really wrong these days is to to get compliments, likes, more followers for eg a selfie in a hot bikini or in a sexy swimmsuit and swimming pants or speedos!! I did this before dating, long ago when i was single now i an again and even for dating looking hot is a must, men get turned off when they meet this pretty Instachic and all of a sudden shes Miss Piggy ohhhh no no go go!!

So anyway now i have this size whic h is rather small but i love it i can wear anything i want. I told you on Instagram it’s my discipline and habits at 5+ for eg being plantbased, a fit babe(gym & fitness, cycling) being organic, non gmo, no deepfrying, no meat and that’s it!! I literally save thousands of € these days by colouring my own hair and using natural tints at home.

And I have this GHD hairstyler (gift pack), i also take on holidays it’s just amazing and so easy last for days even after swimming!

[amazon_link asins='B07C9M1GV2' template='ProductGrid' store='missfauxy-21' marketplace='UK' link_id='80ffa2cd-875f-11e8-81f5-cbb68c13c788']

Hugs Kiss Kiss

Ciao bella!!!

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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