‘Pose’ makes #herstory mostly Lgbt Cast & Golden Globe Nominations!

Pic Credit: IMDb. , Dominique Jackson, Mutha of the House of Xtravaganza, Electra!

GOLDEN GLOBE HISTORY!! The Americam television musical serie ‘Pose‘ on FX, newcomer in 2018/19 is based on the 80’s underground ballroom vogueing scene in New York and stars many talented members of the Lgbti+family mostly of colour! Finally television recognition for Gay, Trans and Non Binary people! This is the first ever scripted television series with 5 Transfemales actors and is renewed for 2019. Ooohhhlala, very exciting darling!!

There are so many Lgbt+ members in one serie oh my word, so exactly five Transgender actresses are in this FX series written and produced by Ryan Murphy. It’s nominated for 2 Golden Globes tonight, definitely groundbreaking!! I was upset to read earlier no Trans actresses were nominated but Dominique Jackson is also nominated by Cineawards for Best Actress along side Thandi Newton and Sissy Spacek darlings, whoop whoop. See the end for more awards and nominations.


Last year was #metoo movement remember but this year the Golden Globes is very colourful and diverse however on television even Dutch tv i aint seeing no coverage of “Pose” lol. Seriously people is it still so taboe? Well after tonight i don’t think so i think this serie is gonna win awards, it has one already and it’s going to schock many and change television!

So we all know the Lgbt documentary/film in the 80’s too, Paris is Burning, however this is undeniably the best i have ever seen! Vogueing was created by José Gutierez Extravaganza who actually worked with Madonna back in the 80’s. So glad to see members of the Lgbt+ family excel in Los Angeles!

Last year the first ever presenter and star of an Oscar nominated film was actually Daniela Vega, a trans female. I am not sure if you all know her but she appeared last year and inspired the film “a Fantastic Woman” which took home a statuette for Best Foreign language Film! However this is the first scripted television series which is creating so much excitement worldwide for its achievements already!

And the creators of this series are:

Pic Credit: IMDb. All pics from Google and Instagram. 5th and 6th pics are both Trans women.
Pic Credit: IMDb, Billy Porter, nominated for Best Actor at the Golden Globe.

Billy Porter must be very proud to be nominated and on 6th January 2019 we will know if hes best actor!! Pose is based on scenes from mid 80’s. This is an incredible serie i know it’s gonna be a film and win Oscars!! So it’s played out in the days when Hiv was prevalent and the late 80’s was very expressive terms of the ‘Pink revolution’!

Anyways Pose is nominated for

1. Best Drama Tv Series.

2. Best performance by an actor in a Tv series.

So beautiful this pic is of Bianca!
Pic Credit: IMDb. I love these pics.

Pose features Transfemale writer of “Redefining Realness” , even approved by Oprah’s readers choice, activist Janet Mock, 35, and her episode is apparently the best of 2018.


Pic Credit: Hilary Swift, The New York Times.

I am so excited tonight is the Golden Globes in America on NBC and for the first time ever theres a Transgender cast included in the nominations!! I am an Instagram friend of Dominique R Jackson, she regularly likes my posts and offcourse im rooting for her! Good luck babes!! Love you and all the cast, also in the series are actors whom are very talented and to be seen

Pic Credit: IMDb, Kate Mara & M Rodriquez (Transfemale)

The 76th annual Golden Globe Awards will air live Jan. 6 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on NBC.

Pic Credit: IMDb, The Stunning Angelica Cross ((Transfemale) .

So where were you in 1987?

I was in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, South Africa those days we had an openminded society i loved being and loving amongst dancers, artists, performers like in Paris so diverse and exciting even though we had as dark people “apartheid” to cop’s with but many white people in South Africa were beautiful and loving to all whom were different! So where were you those days or were you überhaupt born, lol?

Btw pose is the winner of Top Ten Best Television Series and,

1. AFI, Usa(2019) Best Series(Won) !!

2. Is Nominated for 2 Golden Globes (2019)

3. Is Nominated for Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards (2019).

4. Was Nominated for Gotham Independant Film awards. (Breakthrough series).

5. Writers Guild of America. The creators, i hope they win, Steven Canals, Brad Falchuk, Todd Kubrak, Janet Mock, Ryan Murphy, & Our Lady J.

Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh, will host the ceremony, which will be held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. (The Golden Globe Awards ceremony is produced by Dick Clark Productions).

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