Backpacks are Ideal for becoming a Globetrotter

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MADARA Superseed Anti Aging Oils

Since 2018 i started backpacking and i really enjoyed doing it! I never thought i would be wearing these but never say never! When i went to the States i also took a soft suitcase which got stolen in Chicago oh dear so i thought will i make it on my own? I seriously thought i would store the big stuff in a central city near the airport for eg George Bush and carry on upstate to Pennsylvania etc but my other stuff got stolen so i quickly changed plans and started only using my backpacks!


I still have to get used to trying out hostels in order to explore the world in 2019 and if i don’t like that i will try other accomodations!! I must also ditch big stuff in the future and only take what is really necessary i can’t be a princess all the time if i want this i gotta buckle up for it to work out lol, so yes, i am learning!

If and when i just don’t feel like it i will also book holidays travelling by rental car with

I’m getting very fond of travelling in the Usa carrying a vegan backpack, wearing jeans and a baseball cap, trying to blend in however i do stick out there.


I think it’s my appearance, not only because i’m skinnier than most i have looks they seem to want to stare at a lot, very weird im serious some people even called me Pocahontas, lol!

Urban Expressions
Vegan Backpack by Urban Expressions

It was very scary for me as it was my first time but within a few days i got used to travelling alone but not yet the hostels and low budget motels! I also stayed in 2 to 3 star hotels unlike my past, as i always lodged in 5 star hotels mostly so it was a total surprise but i liked it and i used BnB’s too.


Do you what on the way i met many other foreigners and very friendly American people of all races made me so comfortable, very quickly! I made many friends and some i actually saw every day and we explored 10 states together that was so cool! I still have contact with them.

I love travelling by trains, trams, cruise ships but i will fly once in a while because some countries are very far apart like South Africa for example!! Yeahhh when you become a vegan you must consider the climate too so i will try to travel less by plane!

I still love skinny jeans!

Im learning to wear just simple attire exploring and enjoying old cowboy and Indian towns or bustling cities without wondering if people are stealing from me as everythings on my back yeahhhh im learning Ahahahah no seriously this happened often in the past but i will give you my food but don’t steal my vegan and vintage stuff lol! I need to travel with it! Btw the term “rugzak” is actually Dutch for “Rugsack” , a bag on your back! 

Midtown Cargo Backpack by Vera Bradley

Vegan Lipstick

These days backpacks are very functional, colourful and not plain and simple but sometimes i only use black ones or darker when im travelling to many states or countries and when im using the train often. When im flying i like to be more classy!

Quilted Eco Vegan Leather Backpack by Moschino

I used to get to be very clumpsy before whilst travelling but i learnt from fellow travellers a lot and yes i’ve been robbed a lot before because i never used a backpack and im starting to work as an affiliate for cruise companies too so i will educate myself more about travel gear and gadgets. 


Matt & Natt

So even at 51 yrs old i can carry a backpack and look good and not like my age so i’m breaking barriers too and want to encourage older people also to travel like me!!

So i also collected jeans for you too so check them out please! Or you can go to my InstaShop here. 



Matt & Natt. Backpacks & Bumbags

Please note i’ve had bad medical injuries and other nasty issues so i’m a bit slow and at times i can’t complete what i’m wanting to say, do, memorize or achieve quicker, it takes longer and seems harder as i had brain injury before and it seemed to have caught up with me. But hey i am conquering the world again as if im 22 when i left South Africa in 1990! Lol!!


So i thought i would manage last year totally on my own, take a chance nto the whole wide world however i needed to learn more tips and tricks and try to nail it by travelling all alone. I didn’t expect to be a bit slow and keep forgetting stuff or becoming chaotic but hey look i did it i’m even doing this post too right? At times i can cry but let’s not do that shall we i want to be strong and also set an example for you! So if you also want to experience America by car, camper, cruises, luxury hotels, family trips, etc click here please go to this site for Dutch peeps only. also for Canada,

I hope you all get inpired and offcourse in the future i’m gonna do this better so i just started to do this affiliation work again for Shopstyle and other companies so this time i’ll do my best!

So lovies never ever give up hope, okee, you can do it too!! Hugs Kiss Kiss 💋💋

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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