Her Killer Body(50), GHD Hairstyler & NailCare

Helllooooooooo!! Hoe zie ik eruit? Blijven Lachen!

Post from 25th December 2017.

Don’t i look Beautiiful in Vegan and Cruelty Free Make-up?

I use Organic,Vegan and GlutenFree body creams and hair serums and i think the most important of all being 50 is to eat very healthy and always fresh, this way you contribute internally not only for your organs but your exterior too. Not only my Food & my Fitness is giving me a boost you all must start transitioning to Cruelty Free stuff please aren’t i living proof! Which 50 yr old woman doesn’t want to get compliments from younger guys too? Ahahah i see it as beauty compliments not sexual!!

I am wearing this Nail Couture in these pics how pretty i never realized Nude would be so pretty and warm in winter! Lauren B Beauty (Nail Perfecter)

Lauren B Beauty Vegan Nail Polish

My hair i styled using Ghd Hair V Max Styler for thick hair, however i use another to create curls, the Nocturnal Curver or you can use this as i think Nocturnal Curver is Sold Out now, Soft Curl Tong for volume at the back and bottom of my hair. Btw I also have a Tiny Travel version of my Ghd Dryer and Styler, you know me i love travelling to bring you guys all those incredible holiday destinations and pics especially showing off on my Insta. So Check out more here below!


Actually if you always eat properly there’s no need for very expensive creams however sometimes we over indulge in restaurants or on holidays in Summer, but with certain fruit and veggies one has to consume too much to get proper results.So when we mostly inside due to bad weather like in The Netherlands. And using central heating in Winter is also damaging to the skin, Nails and your hair but i never sleep with the heating on, thats a great tip, never ever.


Did you know I never ever Deep fry so i woudn’t allow you either if you wanna age so beautifully like me. Many people tell me but your lifestyle is very expensive but that’s really not true as i’m always looking for discounts and sales for my favorite organic products. Now i can share everything with you too as i’ve got my own InstaShop and you can get discounts so when you sign up for the first time at some companies you get 15 % discount when you order through my posts but offcourse im also giving you special Seasonal Discounts too, So to the normal Public its not available except via my site and posts! Check it out Hugs Kiss kiss💋💋

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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