Non Toxic & Vegan Nail Polish = Healthy Fingers

Flying high with Vegan NailsHellooooo!!

It’s getting ice ice in the morning baby but 30 min Spinning does wonders, remember you gotta circulate your blood properly. So if i wear fake nails i still make sure my fingers look great with my Organic skincare products too.

Lauren b beauty Vegan Nail polish

In Summer time my skin is black baby but my nails are wine red lol

So keep moving your body well not like you have Adhd Ahahaha but i learnt to be active whilst getting older!! So when i decide to watch television or a movie lying on the couch i move my toes as if i’m Flying high baby. I even do yoga on my couch this way my blood circulation is taken care of naturally So no need for blood thinners whilst getting older so all you younger girls remember to move your body so you get older gracefully and beautifully like me.

And don’t forget to eat fruit!!

Vegan and cruelty free Nail polishAs you can see at 50 even my nails and fingers are looking beautiful and young besides me being fit you wanna know why well check my Cruelty Free & Vegan Polish here below!

Vegan Nail polish

In my InstaShop i have plenty Organic Skin Care for every budget, you will notice SALE prices too. Like i said before i do not use all offcourse not however the ingredients are all cruelty free and all organic!! You decide darling.

Only Nail polish

Hugs Kiss Kiss 💋💋

Oooh la la Thanks! Please reply! Kiss Kiss JK

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